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M&A Checklist for Treasury

A practical guide for helping treasury departments through the mergers and acquisition process. Included in the M&A Checklist for Treasury are checklists that can serve as guides to the many different areas that a treasury group may need to address during the acquisition process.

Concentrating Cash Across Borders
Underwritten by Standard Chartered

The 2024 AFP Executive Guide: Concentrating Cash Across Borders, discusses how treasurers can use external partners, banks and technology providers to facilitate cross-border cash concentration and concludes by looking at some trends for treasurers to watch.

2023 AFP and Zanders Whitepaper: The Future of Corporate Treasury Teams
In collaboration with Zanders

The Newly Released 2023 AFP® and Zanders Whitepaper: The Future of Corporate Treasury Teams, looks at the evolution of the treasury function and the factors that directly impact the skills needed to build a successful team.

2023 TMS Buyer's Guide

Get a glimpse into the latest technologies and trends, which will help you make the right decision when it comes time to choose a TMS for your organization.

Better Bank Fee Analysis: Making an Onerous Process Easier

Analyzing bank fees tends to be a tedious, onerous process, but it’s worth it — a comprehensive analysis can yield substantial cost savings.

Rethinking Liquidity Planning to Manage the Cash Lifecycle
Underwritten by Kyriba

The 2023 AFP Executive Guide: Rethinking Liquidity Planning to Manage the Cash Lifecycle breaks down how using a liquidity planning approach can transform decision-making both in the treasury department and throughout the whole organization.

AFP FP&A Guide: Finance Agility: Change is Part of the Plan
Underwritten by Workday

Change and disruption are inevitable; in response, finance must intentionally build agile practices into its work to help develop resilient companies that can meet their goals in the face of disruption. This guide presents three axes of action to pursue agility, with specific ideas for supporting activities. 

AFP Payments Guide to ACH: What Corporates Need to Know
Underwritten by Nacha

The 2023 AFP Payments Guide to ACH: What Corporates Need to Know, underwritten by Nacha, focuses on identifying opportunities to use ACH more efficiently, in ways that reduce operational cost and risk, and enhance your use of liquidity, given the constant threat of fraud. 

AFP FP&A Guide: Get Your Talent Right
Underwritten by AARP

This guide presents different studies from organizations that will help you get your talent right, from finding the right company-candidate fit to navigating a career. It's designed for two audiences: individuals considering ways to advance their careers, and managers/leaders seeking to develop their teams. 

AFP Payments Guide to What's New in Trade Finance
Underwritten by MUFG

The 2023 AFP Payments Guide to What's New in Trade Finance, underwritten by MUFG, explores the state of trade finance and digitalization challenges.

What’s Next? A Practical Guide to Prepare for Change in 2023
Underwritten by Kyriba

Access a practical guide highlighting key issues affecting treasury in 2023 and providing guidance on building organizational resilience in times of uncertainty.

Money Fund Reform: The Broader Implications
Underwritten by Allspring Global Investments

The 2022 AFP Executive Guide: Money Fund Reform provides insights into the broader implications of SEC proposals, helping treasurers prepare for potential changes.

AFP Payments Guide: Cryptocurrency and Non-fungible Tokens
Underwritten by MUFG

The 2022 AFP Payments Guide to Cryptocurrency and Non-fungible Tokens for Corporate Payments, underwritten by MUFG, helps treasurers navigate the risks associated with managing cryptocurrency and digital assets.

People Side of Business Continuity
Underwritten by Kyriba

The AFP 2022 Treasury in Practice guide prioritizes safeguarding company assets and strategies for the changing employment environment.

AFP FP&A Guide: Get Your Data Right
Underwritten by Workday

The AFP FP&A Guide, underwritten by Workday, presents case studies showcasing how organizations address data challenges in the digital transformation process.

The Transition from Accounting to FP&A

Transitioning from accounting to FP&A? The 2022 FP&A Guide outlines the differences and steps needed for a successful career transition. Discover the essential skills for a smooth change.

AFP Payments Guide to Making a Business Case for Real-time Payments
Underwritten by MUFG

Access the 2022 AFP Payments Guide to Making a Business Case for Real-Time Payments, providing practitioners with essential information to advocate for real-time payments adoption.

A Treasurer’s Guide to Centralization
Underwritten by Standard Chartered

Dive into the AFP Executive Guide: A Treasurer's Guide to Centralization, which provides case studies and insights on cost control, operational efficiency, and treasury digitalization.

AFP 2022 FP&A Handbook
Underwritten by Jedox

The AFP 2022 FP&A Handbook provides comprehensive insights and resources for financial planning and analysis professionals, covering key topics and best practices.

Treasury Opportunities in Strategic Cash Forecasting
Underwritten by Kyriba

Strategic cash forecasting is explored, emphasizing the collaboration between treasury, FP&A, and other finance teams to plan for the future and adapt to changes during the pandemic.

AFP Payments Guide to Unlocking the Cash Conversion Cycle
Underwritten by MUFG

Explore the importance of managing the cash conversion cycle (CCC) and the levers treasury can use to influence it: accounts payable, accounts receivable, and inventory management.

Navigating KYC Compliance
Underwritten by Kyriba

Efficient management of banks' KYC requirements while protecting data is a priority for corporate treasurers.

AFP Payments Guide to Dealing with Miscellaneous Payments
Underwritten by MUFG

This guide examines what miscellaneous payments are and why they arise, before outlining a process that can help treasury and finance manage them effectively.

Corporate Treasury Technology Preparedness for LIBOR Transition
Supported by PMC

Understand the transition from LIBOR to new alternative rates and its implications for corporate treasurers, as detailed in the PMC Treasury-supported white paper.

Managing the LIBOR Transition
Underwritten by ION Treasury

Prepare for the end of LIBOR and transition to new reference rates in financial and commercial contracts.

Becoming a Value-focused Finance Organization
Underwritten by Workday

Global finance thought leaders present pathways to address challenges and enhance the role of the finance organization.

The Digital Transformation of Treasury: A Critical Imperative
In collaboration with Zanders

Explore the enabling technologies and the importance of adopting new technology as a critical business strategy in this whitepaper.

Identifying Treasury Value: Automation, Machine Learning, AI
Underwritten by Kyriba

Digital treasury tools like RPA and ML are automating operations, allowing skilled treasury practitioners to focus on strategic development.

AFP Guide to Financial Modeling and Model Supervision
Underwritten by Board

Modeling plays a crucial role for finance leaders in reporting, analysis, planning, and risk management. Learn how it aligns with corporate objectives.

Unclaimed Property
Underwritten by MUFG

The AFP Payments Guide, underwritten by MUFG, explores best practices and compliance procedures for managing potential unclaimed property in organizations.

Virtual Accounts Management
Underwritten by J.P. Morgan

Discover how virtual accounts can enhance cash and working capital management, allowing organizations to operate more efficiently.

Scenario Planning
Underwritten by Workday

Integrate scenario planning into your overall planning process with practical steps outlined in this guide.

Making Preparations for a Post-Libor World
Underwritten by Kyriba

The UK Financial Conduct Authority's decision on London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor) prompts treasury departments to prepare for replacement rates.

The Changing Face of Cross-Border Payments
Underwritten by MUFG

The AFP Payments Guide explores the challenges and obstacles faced by the cross-border payments infrastructure in recent years.

Treasurers Look to E-Payments Heading into an Uncertain 2021
American Express and Coupa

Treasury and accounts payable departments embrace e-payments as they navigate the uncertainties of 2021. Learn about the growing call to transition away from legacy payment methods like paper checks.

Measure Total Cost of Risk to Drive Smarter Decisions
In Partnership with Marsh

Gain an in-depth understanding of the Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) metric and its role in enabling organizations to make informed decisions, with insights provided in a new whitepaper.

Rethinking Bank Relationships in a Dynamic Environment
Underwritten by CIT

Explore how the relationships between treasury departments and banking partners are evolving in the COVID-19 world.

Combating Fraud in a Remote Working Environment
Underwritten by MUFG

Combat fraud in a remote working environment. Examine fraudsters' adaptations and implement measures to thwart their efforts.

Career Pathing

Learn about the importance of agile and adaptable career strategies for FP&A practitioners in the ever-changing business landscape.

Agile Business Continuity: Operations in Unprecedented Times
Underwritten by Kyriba

Treasury departments adapt business continuity plans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Treasury as a Strategic Ally to the Business
Underwritten by Kyriba

Understand the role of treasury as a strategic ally to the CFO, C-suite, and the business as a whole, focusing on trust, technology, and success measurements.

Increasing FP&A's Effectiveness by Integrating Risk Management

Incorporate risk management principles into FP&A practices for enhanced decision-making and mitigation of uncertainties.

Managing AR and Reducing DSO
Underwritten by MUFG Union Bank

Gain valuable insights into managing accounts receivable, reducing days sales outstanding (DSO), and leveraging technology for efficiency.

2020 AFP Asia-Pacific Treasury Management Handbook
Sponsored by Kyriba

The handbook provides an overview of treasury management and guidance for regional treasury centers, covering 12 elements and 15 APAC countries.

How Strong Policies Support Best Practices in Treasury
Underwritten by Kyriba

Strong policies support best practices in treasury, and this AFP guide examines their significance in promoting effective treasury management.

Electronic and Real-Time Payments in Practice
Underwritten by MUFG Union Bank

Focus on the impact of real-time payments and settlement in the new Payments Guide, providing insights and initial steps for implementation.

AFP Guide: Selecting Planning Software (Part 2)

Learn how to select planning software for your organization's implementation process, including structuring, stakeholder interactions, and contract negotiation.

Emerging Technologies: AI and Machine Learning (Part 2)
Underwritten by Kyriba

Explore how emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning can enhance treasury and finance operations in this Executive Guide.

Navigating Technological Innovation: Case Studies in Payments
In Partnership With ACTS

Navigate technological innovation in payments with case studies, identifying key developments in treasury technology and payments.

Emerging Technologies Part 1: Robotic Process Automation
Underwritten by Kyriba

Learn about the application of robotic process automation in treasury departments to improve processes and reshape finance through emerging technologies.

AFP Guide: Implementing Planning System: Part 1, Laying The Groundwork
Underwritten by Adaptive Insights

Implement planning systems successfully with AFP's guide. Lay the groundwork for efficient planning and reporting in FP&A.

E-Invoicing & AP Automation: Streamlining Payments Operations
Underwritten by MUFG Union Bank

Explore the benefits of investing in technology for payments operations, enhancing AR and AP processes through electronic invoicing and automation.

The FP&A Maturity Model

Assess your FP&A practices against the AFP Maturity Model 2.1, which maps tools and activities in modeling, planning, forecast development, data planning, and business partnering.

After the Fact: How Treasurers Can Respond to Fraud
Underwritten by MUFG Union Bank

As fraudsters’ schemes continue to evolve, companies’ responses to these threats must also advance. In this new Payments Guide, we will examine the ways that fraud is changing and how treasury departments are responding.

How FP&A Can Become a Better Business Partner
Underwritten by Workiva

FP&A is increasingly recognized as a true business partner. This guide examines each of the building blocks FP&A needs to construct a strong business partnership.

New Generation of API Banking Solutions in Asia
Underwritten by DBS

Explore the implications of Open Banking and API connectivity, particularly in the APAC region. Discover how API-enabled services benefit corporates.

Is KYC Technology Resonating with Treasury?

Explore the implementation and resonance of Know Your Customer (KYC) technology in treasury, examining its potential impact on treasury professionals in the AFP Executive Guide.

The New Generation of Third-Party Providers
Underwritten by DBS

One goal of PSD2 is encouraging competition by allowing new players to enter the European Single Market. Who are these new players? What opportunities and risks do they present? How can corporates determine which one to work with? This guide will address these questions.

Integrative Intelligence
Underwritten by Microsoft

Integrative Intelligence changes work dynamics, driving decisions through collaboration.

APIs: The Search for Ubiquity and Standardization
Underwritten by MUFG Union Bank

Delve into the usefulness of APIs for corporate treasury professionals and the necessity of API standards, with key players in the payments space working towards their implementation.

Leveraging Business Statistics: Use Cases for Finance
Underwritten by Workiva

FP&A and finance professionals highlight overlooked statistical tools and explain their benefits for understanding and analyzing data.

Best Practices in Treasury Connectivity
Underwritten by Kyriba

In this Treasury in Practice Guide, underwritten by Kyriba, we will explore the best practices in treasury connectivity. 

Best Practices in Treasury Connectivity
Underwritten by Kyriba

In this Treasury in Practice Guide, underwritten by Kyriba, we will explore the best practices in treasury connectivity. 

The Road to Liboration

Prepare for the departure of LIBOR with significant changes in the corporate treasury landscape, as new products come to market.

Operating Regional Treasury Centers
Underwritten by Thomson Reuters

This AFP Executive guide outlines the factors organizations need to consider when establishing and structuring a regional treasury center. 

The Advent of New Cross-Border Payments Systems
Underwritten by MUFG Union Bank

The AFP Payments Guide provides insights into cross-border payments systems, helping you assess whether to consider alternative approaches to international payments.

Your Roadmap to the Future of Finance

New macro forces are creating new capabilities resulting in new models for work. To succeed, you need to master key dimensions of FP&A.

Treasury's Impact on the Financial Statements
Underwritten by Chatham Financial

This guide outlines how treasurers are playing a more proactive role at their organizations, and how treasury practitioners generate value and impact the bottom line. 

Making Excel Work for FP&A
Underwritten by Vena Solutions

Explore recent advances in Excel and third-party solutions to maximize its functionality for financial professionals, as featured in AFP's FP&A Guide.

Navigating the Top Tasks in Treasury
Underwritten by GTreasury

AFP’s latest Treasury in Practice Guide explores critical tasks in treasury.

Planning in the Age of Volatility
Underwritten by Workiva

There are myriad ways that volatility can impact a business. This guide examines how FP&A can prepare for volatility, and react quickly when it occurs.

Better Card Management Solutions
Underwritten by MUFG Union Bank

This guide covers effective management of card-related fees and other costs, prevention of fraud and chargebacks, and implications of faster payments.

Fraud in Record Numbers: Why Treasury Needs to Act Now
Underwritten by Kyriba

AFP’s latest Treasury in Practice Guide explores common fraud schemes that are plaguing corporate treasury departments and provides a host of best practices. 

How FP&A Can Develop Effective Presentations
Underwritten by Workiva

Gain strategies for delivering effective presentations as part of the FP&A department's communication plan, targeting other business units, upper management, and the board of directors.

Fintech: Breaking Down the Barriers
Underwritten by Kyriba

Delve into emerging technologies and their impact on corporate treasury practitioners in this Treasury in Practice guide underwritten by Kyriba.

Building an Integrated Business Planning Capability
Underwritten by Anaplan

Integrated business planning facilitates optimal capital deployment. Explore the role of financial planning and analysis in this comprehensive guide.

Not Going Anywhere: Why Checks Still Matter
Underwritten by MUFG Union Bank

Discover why checks are still relevant, susceptible to fraud, and learn how treasury professionals can protect themselves when paying by check.

Investment Strategy and Policy
Underwritten by J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Learn how to develop an investment policy that aligns with a company's risk tolerances and allows for the adoption of an investment approach in this treasury practitioner's guide.

Implementing an Interest Rate Hedging Program
Underwritten by Chatham Financial

Explore the unsustainable approach to interest rate risk and the necessary paradigm shift companies need to prepare for in this Treasury in Practice Guide.

Global Transaction Banking
Underwritten by BNP Paribas

This guide aims to help treasury practitioners navigate the process of initiating and managing a good set of bank relationships.

Faster and Better: Faster Payments Initiatives Take Off in 2017
Underwritten by MUFG Union Bank

This guide aims to give practitioners the insights they need as they evaluate the challenges and opportunities in faster payments solutions.


Putting Your Connectivity on Lockdown
Underwritten by Kyriba

Ensuring the security of bank connections is essential for treasury departments, as the movement of money must be protected from unauthorized access and potential risks.

Capital Structure: Striking the Right Balance
Underwritten by Thomson Reuters

This guide has been designed to support practitioners in achieving the right balance between the use of debt and equity to fund their organizations.

Guide to Treasury Technology
Underwritten by Bloomberg

This guide will help you navigate the treasury technology environment and identify the most cost-efficient solution for your organization.

In-House Banking: Is it Right for Your Treasury Function?
Underwritten by Thomson Reuters

This guide offers insights into in-house banking and the daily activities of multinational corporate treasury teams managing their global cash and FX needs.

AFP Guide to Zero-Based Budgeting 2.0

There’s a new brand of zero-based budgeting (ZBB) out there. It’s at once more strategic and more targeted.

Trust, But Verify: How to Stop Business Email Compromise Attacks
Underwritten by MUFG Union Bank

This guide will examine the basic steps companies can take today to minimize—if never completely eliminate—cyberthreats.

How Treasury Can Ease The KYC Burden
Underwritten by Thomson Reuters

We can’t make KYC just magically go away—but we may be able to help you make the process more manageable.

Payback: Securing Your Payment Channels
Underwritten by MUFG Union Bank

Incidents of payments fraud are escalating at an alarming rate as fraudsters continue to outpace technology developers and law enforcement. 

Executive Perspectives on Reassessing Your Investment Policy

Prepare for changes in investment policies with upcoming money market fund reforms.

Netting, Pooling & In-House Banking

Understand the evolving landscape of netting and cash pooling techniques for global interconnectivity.

CTC Guide to Global Treasury Structures

Treasury is facing increased pressure to support global business as companies look for growth outside the US and Europe. This guide will explore how treasury is restruct

CTC Guide to Treasury Metrics

Treasury metrics are hard to find. Only 50% of companies measure their treasury's performance according to AFP research.

AFP Guide to Big Data

Explore how Providence Health & Services and Payless ShoesSource are utilizing big data strategies in finance to make smarter business decisions. Big data adoption is inevitable in the industry.

AFP Guide to Driver-Based Modeling

Driver-based modeling links business drivers to financial outcomes, allowing FP&A teams to come up with more accurate forecasts and drive better decisions.

AFP Guide to Addressing the FP&A Talent Gap

FP&A chiefs are facing a gap between the talents they need to move finance to it's next level and what they seem to find in the market place.

AFP Guide to Implementing a Rolling Forecast

Understand the shift from traditional fiscal year-end forecasts to rolling forecasts, driven by the need for faster decision-making in an unpredictable economic environment.

AFP Guide to Improving Analytics

Analytics tools for FP&A professionals are more precise than ever.

AFP Guide to Shortening the Budget Cycle
Sponsored by Workiva

The traditional budgeting process is losing traction. Companies realize that a 12-month budget does not mesh with today’s dynamic environment.

AFP Guide to FP&A Organizational Structures
Sponsored by Workiva

This guide explores the various approaches to an FP&A organizational structure.

AFP Guide to Demystifying Risk-Adjusted Forecasting
Sponsored by Workiva

By incorporating a wide range of assumptions, risk-adjusted forecasting can provide companies with a greater understanding of potential risks and mitigation strategies.

AFP Guide to Making Capital Allocation Decisions

Understand the impact of capital allocation decisions on company performances and economic growth, considering the significant cash reserves held by companies.

AFP Guide to FP&A Systems

This FP&A guide explores the trends that are driving system development and emerging software capabilities, from cloud computing to mobile access.

Business Continuity Planning: Why Treasury Needs a Plan B
Underwritten by Kyriba

Disaster can strike at any time. In today’s ever-changing world, extreme weather, power outages, cyber events and other incidents can severely disrupt operations.

Business Email Compromise Scams

Learn about the growing threat of business email compromise (BEC) scams and their impact on corporate treasury and finance.

Best Practices in Cash Forecasting

Companies are relying on multiple sources to help put together their cash forecast and are facing new challenges

Insights and Best Practices, Vol. 1
Underwritten by KeyBank

In this comprehensive guide, AFP has compiled the case studies, best practices and practitioner insights from the past six Treasury in Practice installments.

Key Regulations That Impact Treasury Operations
Underwritten by KeyBank

Treasury faces a wave of new federal regulations impacting liquidity, risk management, bank accounts, and relationships. Are you prepared for the changes?

Becoming Check-Free: How Treasury Can Move to E-Payments
Underwritten by KeyBank

Embrace electronic payments to reduce costs and optimize working capital. Discover the implications, challenges, and benefits of transitioning from paper-based to electronic payment methods.

How to Conduct a Successful RFP for Banking Services
Underwritten by KeyBank

Conducting a request for proposal (RFP) for banking services is one of the most time-consuming tasks treasury teams face.

Treasury's Role in Mergers & Acquisitions
Underwritten by KeyBank

Gain key insights on the role of treasury in mergers and acquisitions, including product distribution, operational consolidation, and market entry.

Bank Account Reconciliation Best Practices
Underwritten by KeyBank

It’s easier than ever for companies to automatically match their cash accounts to bank records.

Improving Bank Account Management: Best Practices
Underwritten by KeyBank

Without first creating a rationalized account structure, treasury cannot do an effective job of administrating the accounts and keeping track of all relevant account information.

An Opportunity to Shine- Improving Bank Fee Analysis

Track and save on bank fees with practical advice from Treasury In Practice reports.

AFP Guide to Mobilizing Global Cash

In today’s volatile and dynamic market environment, global treasury operations are consistently being challenged with optimizing liquidity.

AFP Guide to Strategic Global Cash Position Forecasting

There are many organizations which need to develop a global cash position.

AFP Guide to Creating a Payables Strategy (Part 2)

Advanced guide to payment types, electronic payments, and straight-through processing (STP). Future-proof your payment strategy.

AFP Guide to Creating a Payables Strategy (Part 1)

This guide outlines the rationale for developing a comprehensive payments strategy.

AFP Guide to Utilizing a Payments Factory

Gain insights into organizing payment functions and implementing successful payment factory programs through this informative guide.

AFP Guide to Implementing a P-Card Program

Implement successful purchasing card (p-card) programs with insights, best practices, and tips from industry practitioners.

AFP Guide to Optimizing Your Relationship with Your Acquiring Partner

This guide focuses on strategies for managing payment acceptance costs and negotiating with merchant account providers.

AFP Guide to Business Commerce Portals

Second in the AFP Payments Decision Guide Series, this guide on Business Commerce Payments Portals addresses the various portal models and the potential benefits for companies.

AFP Guide to Payroll Card Programs

Learn effective strategies for justifying and implementing new or updated programs, including payroll card programs, by setting goals, making a business case, and selecting vendors.

Negotiating and Complying with Credit Agreements
In Collaboration with Hunton & Williams LLP

Comprehensive guide on credit agreements and compliance responsibilities for companies.

Executive Perspectives on Protecting Earnings from FX Swings

Learn how foreign exchange (FX) risk challenges exporting companies and understand its impact on U.S. multinationals.

Executive Perspectives on the 2014 Money Market Funds Reform

Regulatory reform continues to raise questions regarding the fate of treasury investments in money market funds.

Executive Perspectives on the 2013 AFP Liquidity Survey

Access the survey results addressing managing short-term cash, Money Market Funds proposals, and TAG expiration, providing insights into short-term cash management in a volatile regulatory environment.

Executive Perspectives on the 2012 AFP Liquidity Survey

A summary of interviews including peer insights and comments on the 2012 AFP Liquidity Survey results.

Executive Perspectives on AFP Strategic Role of Treasury Survey

Dive into AFP's Liquidity Survey 2011 report, reaffirming the growing importance of treasury within organizations and its expanding role beyond traditional functions.