Simply put, working capital is the difference between an organization’s current assets and its current liabilities. Also referred to as net working capital, it is commonly used to measure an organization’s liquidity and short-term financial health. MORE.

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  • Jul 11, 2024

    Cash Segmentation: The Key to Successful Cash Investing

    Cash segmentation is the classification of cash according to the likely future needs of the business and is done by using a cash forecast to categorize cash into virtual “buckets,” with each bucket representing a different time horizon and tolerance for risk.
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  • Jun 14, 2024

    What the U.S. Money Market Fund Reform Means for Treasury Professionals

    While the precise impact of the U.S. Money Market Fund Reform is, as yet, unknown, treasury practitioners should try to understand the potential implications for their organizations.
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  • Feb 9, 2024

    Mastering Financial Agility: AFP's MEA Treasury Council Discusses Working Capital Amid Economic Adversity

    Implementing effective working capital optimization techniques can alleviate immediate liquidity pressures and help ensure that companies who excel in the practice are better positioned to shift their focus towards long-term growth.
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