The primary goal of treasury is to ensure the organization has enough cash to meet its obligations over a certain time period. Thanks to most organizations partaking in the trend of having a forensic-level focus on cash, treasury has a much clearer view of the dynamics of and correlations between the various cash flows that make up the forecasts. MORE.

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  • Jul 25, 2024

    How Digitization Can Ease the RFP Process for Treasury

    RFP software streamlines the RFP process by allowing organizations to upload all the necessary details for an RFP.
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  • Jul 11, 2024

    Cash Segmentation: The Key to Successful Cash Investing

    Cash segmentation is the classification of cash according to the likely future needs of the business and is done by using a cash forecast to categorize cash into virtual “buckets,” with each bucket representing a different time horizon and tolerance for risk.
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  • Jul 1, 2024

    3 AI and Machine Learning Use Cases in Finance

    Data is everywhere, and it’s critical to the work of treasury and FP&A. Some of the ways treasury and FP&A professionals are trying to manage data more efficiently include automation, generative AI and machine learning.
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  • Jun 18, 2024

    AFP Survey Finds 45% of Organizations Moved Deposits to Large Banks

    Forty-five percent of organizations moved deposits to large banks, seeking safety in systemically important financial institutions, according to the 2024 AFP Liquidity Survey, underwritten by Invesco.
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  • Jun 14, 2024

    What the U.S. Money Market Fund Reform Means for Treasury Professionals

    While the precise impact of the U.S. Money Market Fund Reform is, as yet, unknown, treasury practitioners should try to understand the potential implications for their organizations.
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  • May 13, 2024

    Understanding Money Markets

    Money markets refer to a global marketplace where highly liquid (i.e., easily converted to cash) short-term financial investments are traded.
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