An in-depth look at FP&A-related topics that are developed via interviews with finance professionals. Presented as quarterly case studies with practical applications and tools to help you make informed decisions about key FP&A methods.

Change and disruption are inevitable; in response, finance must intentionally build agile practices into its work to help develop resilient companies that can meet their goals in the face of disruption. This guide presents three axes of action to pursue agility, with specific ideas for supporting activities. 

This guide presents different studies from organizations that will help you get your talent right, from finding the right company-candidate fit to navigating a career. It's designed for two audiences: individuals considering ways to advance their careers, and managers/leaders seeking to develop their teams. 

AFP FP&A Guide: Get Your Data Right

Underwritten by Workday

The AFP FP&A Guide, underwritten by Workday, presents case studies showcasing how organizations address data challenges in the digital transformation process.

Transitioning from accounting to FP&A? The FP&A Guide outlines the differences and steps needed for a successful career transition. Discover the essential skills for a smooth change.

Global finance thought leaders present pathways to address challenges and enhance the role of the finance organization.

Modeling plays a crucial role for finance leaders in reporting, analysis, planning, and risk management. Learn how it aligns with corporate objectives.

Scenario Planning

Underwritten by Workday

Integrate scenario planning into your overall planning process with practical steps outlined in this guide.

Learn about the importance of agile and adaptable career strategies for FP&A practitioners in the ever-changing business landscape.