Analysis and thought leadership on the practical application of key concepts and topics developed via interviews with experts and treasury professionals. Presented with key takeaways and informative tools to help you be more effective and increase efficiency.

Analyzing bank fees tends to be a tedious, onerous process, but it’s worth it — a comprehensive analysis can yield substantial cost savings.

Access a practical guide highlighting key issues affecting treasury in 2023 and providing guidance on building organizational resilience in times of uncertainty.

People Side of Business Continuity

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The AFP 2022 Treasury in Practice guide prioritizes safeguarding company assets and strategies for the changing employment environment.
Strategic cash forecasting is explored, emphasizing the collaboration between treasury, FP&A, and other finance teams to plan for the future and adapt to changes during the pandemic.

Navigating KYC Compliance

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Efficient management of banks' KYC requirements while protecting data is a priority for corporate treasurers.

Digital treasury tools like RPA and ML are automating operations, allowing skilled treasury practitioners to focus on strategic development.

The UK Financial Conduct Authority's decision on London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor) prompts treasury departments to prepare for replacement rates.

Treasury departments adapt business continuity plans during the COVID-19 pandemic.