Geared towards the executive membership of AFP, Executive Guides take an in-depth look at specified topics that are developed via interviews with treasury executives. They are presented as studies, with practical applications and tools such as models and checklists.

Concentrating Cash Across Borders

Underwritten by Standard Chartered
The 2024 AFP Executive Guide: Concentrating Cash Across Borders, discusses how treasurers can use external partners, banks and technology providers to facilitate cross-border cash concentration and concludes by looking at some trends for treasurers to watch.
The 2023 AFP Executive Guide: Rethinking Liquidity Planning to Manage the Cash Lifecycle breaks down how using a liquidity planning approach can transform decision-making both in the treasury department and throughout the whole organization.

Money Fund Reform: The Broader Implications

Underwritten by Allspring Global Investments
The 2022 AFP Executive Guide: Money Fund Reform provides insights into the broader implications of SEC proposals, helping treasurers prepare for potential changes.

A Treasurer’s Guide to Centralization

Underwritten by Standard Chartered
Dive into the AFP Executive Guide: A Treasurer's Guide to Centralization, which provides case studies and insights on cost control, operational efficiency, and treasury digitalization.

Managing the LIBOR Transition

Underwritten by ION Treasury

Prepare for the end of LIBOR and transition to new reference rates in financial and commercial contracts.

Virtual Accounts Management

Underwritten by J.P. Morgan
Discover how virtual accounts can enhance cash and working capital management, allowing organizations to operate more efficiently.

Explore how the relationships between treasury departments and banking partners are evolving in the COVID-19 world.

Explore how emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning can enhance treasury and finance operations in this Executive Guide.