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Decisions at a Distance from HQ

Developing budgets and targets is a messy process. Top-down expectations collide with bottom-up estimations, compensation is on the line, and everyone sees something different. Communication is compromised as corporations grow larger; regions are far from headquarters, some businesses get less attention, and owners have different goals than managers. This case study explores these challenges.

Improving Finance Agility to Support the Business
In this case study, the regional head of FP&A at an international nonprofit organization shares how Finance collaborated cross-functionally to help the organization rapidly deliver a new digital product during the pandemic when the old format was no longer viable.


Pankaj Kabra on Why FP&A Is the ‘Sexiest Role in Finance’
Drawing on both his accounting background and finance experience, Pankaj Kabra, Senior Vice President of Finance for Traveloka and AFP Asia-Pacific FP&A Advisory Council member, has been an active business partner for over a decade.


FP&A Profiles

Read in-depth profiles about professionals working in the financial planning and analysis community.

Junn Nguyen

FPAC: Remaining Agile Through Constant Change

Junn Nguyen, FPAC
Senior Financial Analyst
Illumina, Singapore

Nozomi AbeFPAC: Developing a Career in FP&A

Nozomi Abe, FPAC
Financial Analyst
Qualcomm, Japan

Tharanga Gunasekara_FPAC

FP&A Profile: The Pandemic Led to His Dream Job

Tharanga Gunasekara, FPAC
Finance Performance Analyst
AMP Australia

Adrien Hebert

FPAC: Using Finance to Focus on Decision-Making Process

Adrien Hebert, FPAC
Operations Specialist
Appian, Australia

Wilson Wong

Moving From Accounting to FP&A in APAC

Wilson Wong, FPAC
FP&A Analyst
TechSource Systems

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