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  • Handling the Skills Gap in the Asia-Pacific Region

    AFP recently met with a group of treasury professionals in the APAC region to see how things are progressing for the treasury profession there, if there is a skills gap, and if so, how it’s being addressed. The following is a compilation of their thoughts and insights.
  • CTP Profile: Venturing into the Treasury Domain

    From the beginning of his time with Moody’s Analytics, Shakalya Nag, CTP, wanted to venture into the treasury domain. Understanding the systems and processes was of great interest to him. Then he started working on RFPs for major MNC banks in their treasury domain, and he’s has been working on the sales side of treasury operations and fund compliance ever since.
  • CTP Profile: Capital and Liquidity Management in an Emerging Market

    After graduating from Business School, Sovanna Tang, CTP, took a job as a senior associate, where he largely worked in audit. He then worked as an accounting specialist. “The work in financial reporting is complicated at first, but eventually it is quite mundane and becomes routine,” said Tang. That’s when he decided to make the transition to capital liquidity control.
  • AFP Announces Formation of APAC Treasury Council

    The Association for Finance Professionals (AFP) opened its Asia office in Singapore in June 2019 seeking to better connect with and serve finance professionals in the Asia-Pacific region. This year, we formed the APAC Treasury Council to further our understanding of the unique challenges and needs within the region.
  • 6 Steps to an Effective Financial Statement Analysis

    For any financial professional, it is important to know how to effectively analyze the financial statements of a firm. There are generally six steps to developing an effective analysis of financial statements.
  • Treasury Job Descriptions

    Treasury job descriptions, from the Treasurer through Assistant Cash Manager, with suggested experience, job knowledge and skills outlined.


2022 AFP FP&A Benchmarking Planning Practitioners Report

Recent Webinars

  • Cybersecurity Primer

    The AFP/ITC Cybersecurity Primer is designed to help treasury and finance professionals develop an understanding of the information technology security issues facing their organizations and how it relates to their roles to ultimately integrate into a cohesive cybersecurity strategy. Topics include how data breaches occur, the common methods used in a cyberattack, data protection controls and regulations that may affect your business, and why governance is a critical factor in any organization’s cybersecurity posture. WATCH

Certified Treasury Professional Profiles

Sovanna Tang, CTP

CTP Profile: Capital and Liquidity Management in an Emerging Market

Sovanna Tang, CTP
Capital & Liquidity Manager
Maybank, Cambodia


Shakalya Nag, CTP

CTP Profile: Venturing into the Treasury Domain

Shakalya Nag, CTP
Business Manager
MCX Stock Exchange of India, India


Colin Ho

Treasury Profile: His Passion Lead Him to Corporate Treasury

Colin Ho, CTP
Head of Treasury
Funding Societies, Singapore


Alexander Seelmann-Eggebert

CTP Profile: Leverage Technology Solutions in Treasury

Alexander Seelmann-Eggebert, CTP
Deputy Regional Treasurer
Nestlé, Singapore

Siddhant Jain

CTP: Achieving a Holistic View of Treasury

Siddhant Jain, CTP
Treasury Analyst
Moody’s Corporation, India

Shankar Ramaswamy

CTP: Lifelong Learning and Connections
Shankar Ramaswamy, CTP
Treasury Business Partner

Pulat Yunusmetov

CTP Profile: Driving Success in the Treasury Function

Pulat Yunusmetov, CTP
Treasury Manager

Delvin Chen

CTP: Taking the Next Step in Your Treasury Career

Delvin Chen, CTP
Treasury Director
General Electric, Singapore


Treasury Profile: Leading Corporate Finance in Pakistan

Saima Jamil, CTP, CertTF, MBA
Manager Treasury & Finance
Transworld, Pakistan

Rohit Raj

CTP: Demonstrating Expertise in Treasury Operations

Rohit Raj, CTP
Digital Manager
HSBC, India

Anthony Ang

CTP: Lifelong Learning to Remain Relevant

Anthony Ang, CTP
Group Treasury & Insurance Assistant Manager

Joris M. Chevaux

CTP: The Journey to an Adaptive Mindset

Joris M. Chevaux, CTP
Treasury Manager
Sephora, Asia

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