CTP: Embracing Change and Upskilling to Add Value

  • By AFP Staff
  • Published: 4/22/2022

A global symbol of excellence, the Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) designation sets the standard in the treasury profession. Earning the CTP signifies that you have demonstrated the knowledge and skills required to effectively execute critical functions related to corporate liquidity, capital and risk management.

AFP recently caught up with Kerry Shattell, CTP, Director at Blackstone in Singapore, to discuss her decision to earn the CTP, and how it has affected her life and career journey. 

AFP: How did you get your start in treasury?Kerry Shattell

Kerry: I have always found myself in a job that had a treasury element. Overtime, I realized that the elements of my job that related to treasury were what I enjoyed doing the most. As a Chartered Global Management accountant, I sought out roles that had forward focused responsibilities like cash flow forecasting, settlement of trades and of foreign exchange contracts, collateral rebalancing, along with the traditional recording of accounting entries.

In my current company, I naturally gravitated to a more treasury-focused role and have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to move to Singapore, where I am now a treasury accountant. 

AFP: What are two or three core aspects of your day-to-day job?

Kerry: As a treasury accountant, I work very closely with our treasury operations and capital markets teams within Asia.

Some of the core aspects in my day-to-day job include:

  • Running FX leveling program for APAC and EMEA entities to manage FX risk in the region. 
  • Responsible for review of treasury accounting and financial reporting. 
  • Monitoring and reporting of treasury initiatives and projects. 

AFP: What is something that you would like to do in the future in treasury?

Kerry: I constantly seek out new challenges and I am excited to see how my future in treasury unfolds. At the moment, I am keen to gain more depth of knowledge in strategic treasury management and capital markets.

AFP: Are there certain skills or training that help you in what you do now?

Kerry: Having the technical skills from my professional certifications such as the CTP have certainly helped me do what I do now. Also, being inquisitive to truly understand my role or even a task has enabled me to understand concepts in depth, which give me the confidence to suggest alternative solutions or more efficient processes. Understanding “why” is so important as it allows for adaptation to change both quickly and efficiently.

Throughout my career, I have truly valued the support from mentors and coworkers. With their advice, patience and encouragement, opportunities have arisen to lead me to where I am today. I have never been one for the five-year plan concept, so I would always recommend being open and consider each opportunity logically.

AFP: What skills are most important to you to add over the next couple of years?

Kerry: As technology continues to advance, I think it is important that we embrace the change by allowing for more efficient processing and automation. In turn, we should upskill ourselves to add value to treasury decisions, as the human element will still be valuable in the future. Since the past year or so with the pandemic, we have seen a huge shift in the need for virtual and electronic requirements, which has accelerated the implementation of technology automation for many firms and financial Institutions.

AFP: What is the most critical treasury issue you are facing today, and can you share your approach to it?

Kerry: Not an issue as such, but the LIBOR transition has been a topic I have been closely following this year. Being a member of AFP and through my CTP certification, I have found AFP online resources really helpful, along with global forums that link treasury professionals around the world. These resources have assisted in my own understanding and added value to my input within my team discussions at work.

AFP: Why did you decide to earn the CTP?

Kerry: An AFP board member who also sat for the CTP exam shared some details with me. I was instantly intrigued as the CTP credential is a global qualification standard of treasury knowledge, and I felt that it would help me to gain recognition of my existing treasury knowledge. I liked that I could study in my own time with the body of knowledge text, along with the online platform of questions and video tutorials to ensure that I was ready for the exam.

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AFP: How has the CTP credential impacted your life/career?

Kerry: Earning the CTP has allowed me to illustrate my dedication to treasury, providing me with confidence in my treasury knowledge that I can now bring to the table in treasury discussions. The vast content available through AFP also keeps me up to date on current global treasury matters.

AFP: Would you recommend the CTP to others? Why?

Kerry: I would definitely recommend the CTP to my peers working within treasury or to those that have an interest in pursuing a treasury career. The body of knowledge covers every aspect of treasury; even if you have numerous years of experience, you will still build a depth of knowledge and understanding through this certification.

Learn more about the Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) designation.




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