Request a General Extension

If you are unable to meet the 45 recertification credits requirement by the end of your three-year cycle, but have been working toward meeting the requirement by earning at least one (1) continuing education credit, you may request an extension. The maximum extension granted is six months, June 30 to December 31 of the reporting year. Further extensions will not be granted.

Please treat this policy as a courtesy.

During the Extension Period

  • Your credential will remain current during the period of your extension but you will shorten the length of your next reporting cycle since credits may not be used twice.
  • Credits earned during the extension period cannot be used again in the following cycle.
  • However, excess credits earned above the 45 required can be applied to the next reporting cycle.

To Request an Extension

1. Complete and return the FPAC Extension Form by no later than June 30 of the reporting year. Extension requests cannot be submitted using the online recertification resource center.

  • Indicate your request for an extension
  • List all credits earned to date (at least one (1) continuing education credit must be listed in order for the extension to be granted)

2. Submit the form along with the Extension Request fee ($75 AFP member, $150 non-member).

Payment Options

Credit Card

If paying by credit card, please fax to +1 301-907-2864 or mail to:
Association for Financial Professionals
4520 East West Highway, Suite 750
Bethesda, MD 20814 USA


If paying by check, mail to:
Association for Financial Professionals
4520 East West Highway, Suite 750
Bethesda, MD 20814 USA

Wire Transfer

If sending a payment via wire transfer:
Bank Name: M&T Bank
Bank Address: 1350 I Street, N.W.,2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20005 USA
Bank Telephone: 800-724-0002
Routing Transit Number: 022000046
Account Number: 42503141
AFP Tax ID: 58-1424769

Once a wire payment has been initiated, please send notification to [email protected]. Information required: Value date, amount of payment, payee, and what the payment is for. Please email or fax any accompanying documentation (ex: registration forms, invoices, order forms, etc.) The email address to send accompanying documents is: [email protected] and the fax number is +1 301-907-2864.

Upon approval, the credits reported will be logged in the online recertification reporting center (if you have not already done so) and certificants will be notified that they have until December 31 of the reporting year to earn and report the remaining credits.

Reporting Credits Earned Under Extension Period

All outstanding credits and late recertification fee must be submitted no later than December 31 of the reporting year. There are two ways to finalize renewal of your Certified FP&A Professional credential under an approved extension:

1. Complete the Extension Form again, this time listing all outstanding credits earned during the extension period. Submit the form and extension credit reporting fee ($160 AFP member / $275 non-member).

2. Log all outstanding credits earned during the extension period and submit the extension credit reporting fee using the Online Recertification Resource Center. Once a total of 45 credits are recorded in the "Eligible Credits" column, the prompt, "CONGRATULATIONS. YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO RECERTIFY. CLICK HERE TO RECERTIFY" will appear on your certification record homepage. Click this link to submit your credits and recertification fee online. You will receive an email confirming your certification has been renewed for another cycle!