• Recertification Reporting Form
    Use to submit earned continuing education credits and recertification reporting fee to renew the FPAC credential.
  • Extension Form
    Use to request a 6 month extension to earn outstanding credits after the June 30 earning deadline and to report credits earned during the extension period.
  • Reinstatement Appeal Form
    For individuals who have been revoked and are seeking to reinstatement their FPAC credential.
  • Retired Status Application
    For individuals who are retired from full-time finance employment.
  • Inactive Status_Application
    Use to apply for temporary suspension of recertification requirements due to extenuating circumstances. Eligibility requirements are outlined in the section, Inactive Status and Reactivation, below.
  • Inactive_Status_Reactivation_Form
    Use to reactivate the FPAC credential previously approved for inactive status. Requirements for reactivation are outlined below in the section, Inactive Status and Reactivation, below.
  • Certificate_Reprint_Form
    Use to request a replacement or additional copy of your certificate.