Treasury and Finance Careers – Full of Possibilities


Exciting, global, dynamic – think these words couldn’t possibly be describing a career in treasury and finance? Then you’d be wrong.

The corporate finance profession is powerful. Constantly advancing, expanding and evolving, treasury and finance is full of possibilities for anyone who has the desire to learn and achieve — and you don’t have to wear a pinstripe suit and be obsessed with the latest forecasting trends or a balanced budget to be part of it.

As the global advocate for financial professionals, we want individuals with diverse skills, mindsets, and backgrounds to take part in this rewarding profession. By pursuing a career in treasury and finance, you’re opening the door to a world of possibilities.

Treasury and finance are essential to any industry, whether it’s environmental, health-care, entertainment, startups or a non-profit. It’s one of the fastest-growing fields globally, offering you a lifetime of stability and opportunities for growth.

Did we pique your interest?

Just take a look at career paths profiles below.


Aziz Samji, CTP

Senior Consultant, Capital Markets and Corporate Liquidity, Financial Information Services Inc.

It wasn’t until Aziz landed a role managing foreign currency risk for a global money transfer company that sprouted a passion in him for treasury. Learn about Aziz’s various positions across the treasury realm that led him to where he is today

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Kayla Davis

Vice President of M&A, ABM Industries

Looking back at how Kayla approached her career goals, she pursued a breadth of experience in various finance roles, and then developed depth in those roles. Finance is the toolset she uses as she pursues her personal passion: to have a lasting, positive impact in everything she does and on every person with whom she interacts.

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Ken Fick

Vice President of FP&A, Berkeley Research Group LLC

As many others who have focused their careers within FP&A, Ken’s path has been a long and winding road. As he reflects on his life and career now, he has found that the best times in his life were not when he achieved a goal or status, but the periods in between when the future seemed endless and the possibilities infinite. In many ways, those periods of time define people who thrive in the world of FP&A.

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Lee-Ann Perkins, CTP

Assistant Treasurer, Specialized Bicycle Components

Like most people in the field, Lee-Ann fell into treasury. She quickly realized that she enjoyed the business and bank interactions, technology possibilities, and forward-looking nature of treasury. Lee-Ann works hard to drive obsolescence, and she has learned the importance of tenacity, an innovative mindset, and a healthy dose of intellectual curiosity.

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