DEI Initiative for Treasury and Finance


Founding Partner: Invesco

In partnership with J.P. Morgan, Standard Chartered and Wells Fargo

Introducing the DEI Initiative for Treasury and Finance. With founding partner Invesco and partners J.P. Morgan, Standard Chartered and Wells Fargo, AFP has launched this initiative to introduce treasury and finance careers to underrepresented communities.

As the profession rapidly evolves, there is a growing need for professionals with diverse skills, mindsets, and backgrounds. At AFP, we know every individual carries a wealth of knowledge within and when we create more seats at the table and more opportunities for your voice to be heard, that is how we propel the profession into the future.

Our goal is to empower young professionals with professional development, skills building, ongoing training, and continuous learning so that they can lead rewarding careers in treasury and finance.

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To help all individuals pursue their professional interests, we are curating a selection of available scholarships and internships for college students or young professionals interested in a career in treasury and finance.

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AFP DEI Initiative Advisory Council

The mission of the DEI Initiative Advisory Council is to introduce treasury and finance career opportunities to underrepresented communities. The Council accomplishes this by sharing information and aiding AFP staff in developing resources that help individuals from diverse backgrounds excel in the treasury and finance profession. Learn more.

Additional Resources


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources

With members around the globe, AFP endeavors to create a treasury and finance community that fully actualizes and celebrates heterogeneous peoples, cultures, and beliefs. Because of this, we have created resources to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in education. Our resources are not exhaustive and we encourage you to continue your DEI education outside of AFP.

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Your Hidden Gem is the Talent You Already Have

In a moderated discussion, Jim Kaitz, President and CEO of AFP is joined by Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., the President and CEO of SHRM and Matt Sigelman, CEO of Burning Glass Technologies to discuss how organizations can build a diverse company for the long term and strategies to identify existing talent in their organizations to drive successful diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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The Power of Diversity in Finance

With the advent of globalization and technological advancements, the workforce has expanded beyond a nation’s borders, leveraging the global network of diverse candidates from countries around the world. As such, diversity and inclusion have become key buzzwords over the years as organizations dedicate resources to establishing and maintaining a diverse and inclusive organization.