APAC FP&A Advisory Council Profiles

Members of this Council provide subject matter expertise and guidance on AFP products and services, developed for the corporate finance practitioner community in the Asia-Pacific region. The Council meet to share ideas, best practices, common challenges, network and gain insights into how FP&A is driving the future of finance. Members have significant experience in the FP&A profession and represent diversity across geography, industry, company size, structure, race and gender.

Jason Ang HeadshotJason Ang

Vice President, Finance Transformation
Singapore Post Limited, Singapore

"Transformation speaks to three broad pillars: people, processes and technology. We need all three pillars to work in sync." Read more.

Peggy AngPeggy Ang

FP&A Lead for APAC
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Singapore

"I believe in the collective exchange of ideas, that none of us is as smart as all of us, even if it means agreeing to disagree or managing discourse in the process. Being able to interact regularly on FP&A issues or macro environment factors that have an impact on the profession, helps challenge my thoughts." Read more.

Raymond CheungRaymond Cheung

Regional FP&A Transformation Lead
Inchcape plc, Hong Kong

Benjamin ChinBenjamin Chin

Managing Director, Singapore & Malaysia
ECCO, Singapore

"Are our goals aspirational enough? Are we on the right track? Are we devoting enough time and energy on the needle movers? Undoubtedly, it is ripe to take a step back from the busyness of transformation and refresh our perspective of the actual business." Read more.

Kelvin Chu, FPAC

Kelvin Chu, FPAC

Group Financial Controller
Sanford Limited, New Zealand

“FP&A is by nature a forward-looking discipline, and a primary focus of ESG is the future. As an FP&A and accounting professional, I believe I have role to play in helping my country shape and achieve its ESG objectives.” Read more.

Xin Gan

Xin Gan

Finance Controller
Valeo Service China

"The business world is so complicated that you need to have your North Star; you need to fix your target and know your values. When we talk about finance, we need to talk about integrity, principles and ethics. All these values match my personal expectation to be a principled and strategic leader." Read more.

Sai Giridhar

Sai Giridhar

Finance Director
Shell Energy India

"The change in the finance function is often driven by the business side. So, if the business is going to reorganise itself, that could be another reason why finance has to rethink the whole support model, not from the back-end but more from the front-end, as these are roles with deep business partnering." Read more.

Connagh Hopkins_AFP

Connagh Hopkins

Head of Function, Business Planning and Reporting
Western Power, Australia

"You're about the performance of the business as a whole, the KPIs, the PIs, the planning. If you narrow yourself down to just finance, people will misunderstand or maybe not come to you for all the things that we can actually offer the business." Read more.  

Pankaj Kabra

Pankaj Kabra

Senior Vice President of Finance

"There isn't a faster way for you to get into the entrepreneurial mindset and see the way a business person thinks than FP&A." Read more.

Puneeta Kapoor

Puneeta Kapoor, FPAC

Senior Finance Business Partner
Navitas, Australia

"Whether we call ourselves an FP&A function or a finance business partner varies. But to me, we’re there to consult with the business and to have a seat at the table. You don't want to be reactionary; you want a bit of skin in the game." Read more.

Claire Lu

Claire Lu, FPAC

Manager, FP&A
Hologic, Australia

"The FP&A role is a perfect combination of both my personality and my degree. I am a very detail-oriented person, and like a private detective, I enjoy figuring out what is missing and solving the mystery." Read more.

Danny Shiu

Danny Shiu, FPAC, CTP, MOS

Consultant, Hong Kong

"While technology gives us access to more data, the spreadsheet is still an important platform for financial modeling. Technology is just like the refrigerator that has become more sophisticated and bigger so it can hold more and greater varieties of food. And yet we still use a pot to cook our food." Read more.

Martha SierraMartha Sierra, CIMA, CGMA 

Regional Finance Director
British Council, Singapore

"I understand the importance of being up to date with the latest trends and challenges faced by the finance function. Apart from taking advantage of the learning and development opportunities that are available to us, networking is—in my view—a critical success factor in our profession." Read more.

Kevin Wong

Siang Leng Tay 

Chief Financial Officer Asia
QBE Asia, Singapore

"The more cross-pollination we have across functions and the more open conversations we have with each other will allow us to bridge that gap, which will lead to better outcomes." Read more.

Kevin Wong

Johan Van Zyl, FPAC

Senior Vice President, Data and Process Automation COE Director 
Marsh, Australia

"As FP&A, our responsibilities and our asks are going to increase because these tools have become easier. It is up to us to continuously drive our development and our learning, otherwise we are going to stagnate. If you want to move up and move on, put your shoulder to the wheel and develop." Read more.

Kevin Wong

Kevin Wong

Director of Finance, APAC
Blue Bottle Coffee, Hong Kong

"FP&A must work with everyone to get a sense of their vision. Sometimes it needs to reach a personal level to understand what teams envision for where they want to be. Building that perspective allows us to gauge how leaders want to management and grow the business." Read more.

Douglas YeungDouglas Yeung, FPAC

Director of Business Operations
8x8, Singapore

"It will be interesting to survey how AFP is growing in the Asia Pacific region. I want to encourage more people to talk about FP&A and brainstorm ideas about how we can promote the function within Asia Pacific companies." Read more.

Weng Hong Yong

Weng Hong Yong

Executive Director
City Mental Health Alliance, Singapore

"Knowledge of accounting and system controls is important, but it should not stop there. Businesses exist for a purpose, and the role of the finance function should be that of an enabler for the business." Read more.

Jeff Z

Jeff Zielinski

Chief Financial Officer
Gusto Collective, Hong Kong

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