"For graduates, breaking into the post-college job market is increasingly about the skills they possess."
— Making the Bachelor’s Degree More Valuable,
   by Matt Sigelman of the Burning Glass Institute and author Jeffrey Selingo


AFP recently launched the University Partners Program to prepare students for work with the real-world skills to be successful in their finance and business careers. As the certifying body for financial planning & analysis (FPAC) and treasury (CTP) among working professionals, we have developed and administered these certifications for four decades to nearly 40,000 professionals across 70 countries. We are now bringing this practical, skill-based program to colleges and universities.  

AFP can complement your college curricula with our online educational platforms and allow students to sit for our exams. Students have the opportunity to graduate with an AFP badge that recognizes their knowledge and commitment to FP&A and Treasury. And AFP will promote your students and your school to our membership who are looking for talent. 

Help your students be more attractive to employers and ready for work on day one. 

"There’s a direct disconnect between education and employability, where employers view universities and colleges as the gatekeepers of workforce talent, yet those same institutions aren’t prioritizing job skills and career readiness. Higher education institutions should collaborate with employers to align educational offerings with the skills needed to perform jobs in the real world:

• Create a stronger dialogue between businesses and institutions.
• Provide options for micro-credentials, badges, programs, and certificates.
• Help students identify and demonstrate to employers what job-ready skills they’ve developed as part of their education and training."

The U.S. Education System Isn’t Giving Students What Employers Need,
    Harvard Business Review, by Michael Hansen.


  • AFP will work with your finance department to integrate our educational materials into your existing curriculum of a business school bachelor’s or master’s degree in business, finance or a related area.
  • Students who pass the exam will get a digital badge to signal their accomplishment and readiness, and a window to get the work experience required for full certification; Graduate students may be able to apply their relevant work experience towards full certification.
  • Participating schools will be recognized as members of the University Partners Program and listed on our FPAC/CTP certification sites; AFP will promote the program and participants to its membership. 


  • Engage, register and administer student enrollment in the program. 
  • Create an information webpage explaining the FPAC and/or CTP curriculum and the student offer, mentioning the offer and linking to AFP. 

AFP is pleased to announce special pricing for University Partners for students on both the online educational platform and the exam registration; access to both is complementary for faculty. Please complete the form below for more details.  

ABOUT THE Certified Corporate FP&A Professional (FPAC)

FPAC Logo for University Partners Program

The FPAC Exam is a two-part exam offered twice annually. Learn more about the program.

FPAC Exam Test Specifications
> FP&A Exam Prep Platform (EPP)
> Quick-Look at the FPAC Exam
Candidate Handbook
Where are FPACs employed

Over 5,000 candidates have entered the FPAC program, with nearly 2,000 FP&A practitioners having earned the credential.

ABOUT THE Certified Treasury Professional (CTP)

The CTP Exam is a one-part exam offered twice annually. Learn more about the program with these links.

CTP Exam Test Specifications
CTP Exam Prep Platform (EPP)
> CTP at-a-glance
Candidate Handbook
Where are CTPs employed

Over 38,000 treasury practitioners have earned the CTP and over 80% of Fortune 500 companies have a CTP on staff. 

Learn More about the UPP!

"The UPP demonstrates our continued commitment to the finance profession by helping to build the next generation of practitioners and leaders.” — Jim Kaitz, President & CEO, AFP

Join the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University by becoming a University partner.

Watch this video about the program hosted by IACBE and featuring DJ Mason, PhD of the Kelley School of Business and Bryan Lapidus, FPAC from AFP.