Cash Flow Forecasting in a Global Media Company

TOPIC: Cash Management and Forecasting

Centralizing and automating cash flow projections can optimize accuracy and minimize manual efforts throughout the organization.

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Treasury Transformation and Smart Safe Innovation Leads to Scalable Solutions

TOPIC: Payment Strategy and Execution

A fully scalable bank-agnostic solution can facilitate a standardized and consistent process across many locations and streamline treasury and back-office processes.

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Overcoming the Loss of Receivables Transaction Data

TOPICS: Cash Management and Forecasting, Working Capital Management, Payments Strategy and Execution, Technology Management

Automation can help companies track remittance information from multiple data sources and learn how to apply deductions and short pays based on historical patterns. This allows for faster posting of customer receipts, strengthened working capital and stronger customer relationships.

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Achieving Operational Improvements and Cost Savings with an In-House Bank

TOPIC: Liquidity Management

For a multinational organization with complex external banking structures, an in-house bank structure can achieve significant operational improvements and cost savings.

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Manual to Automatic: Cash Pooling in the APAC Region

TOPIC: Cash Management and Forecasting

An automated cash pooling structure can help an organization reduce surplus cash balances, automated accrual and posting of intercompany interest.

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