Analysis and thought leadership on the practical application of key concepts and topics developed via interviews with experts and treasury professionals. Presented with key takeaways and informative tools to help you be more effective and increase efficiency.

Treasury Opportunities in Strategic Cash Forecasting

Underwritten by Kyriba


How can treasury cooperate with FP&A to strengthen the organization’s strategic forecasting processes? To start, by outlining how technology is changing the nature of cash flow forecasting as treasury gains more visibility over cash flows and positions.

Explore the fundamentals of strategic cash forecasting, and how treasury can collaborate cross-functionally with FP&A and other finance teams to plan for their organizations’ futures, including new thinking around how to unify data with APIs and harness data through business and artificial intelligence tools. You will see that the full potential for treasury is just being realized.


• The different types of cash flow forecasting models and methods.
• How cash flow forecasting has changed throughout the pandemic.
• Ways that treasury can cooperate with FP&A to strengthen strategic forecasting.
• Technologies and software and tools that can improve the cash flow forecasting process.



Published March 15, 2022