Better Business Partnering Leads to Better Strategy



CFOs have been transforming FP&A for years, largely through the implementation of technologies and new terms of art. Jim Kaitz of AFP hosted the authors of Bain & Company’s research report examining why FP&A Is Falling Short of CFO Expectations. Bain’s expert partner on finance and digital transformation Steve Beam will join business partnering expert Anders Liu-Lindberg and AFP’s Bryan Lapidus as they dive into the substance of Bain’s report, discuss recommendations for how FP&A can become a better business partner, and share their own findings and perspectives.

Learning Objectives

  • Implement practical actions that will help the FP&A (CFO) function become the stewards of value creation, not just scorekeepers.
  • Better understand the CFO's role in effectively engaging in the business strategy process.

This recording was originally delivered as a live event on Tuesday, May 18, 2021


Bryan Lapidus, FPAC
Director, FP&A Practice

Anders Liu-Lindberg
COO and Partner
Business Partnering Institute

Steve Beam
Expert Partner, Finance & Digital Transformation
Bain & Company