AFP/ITC Cybersecurity Primer


The AFP/ITC Cybersecurity Primer is designed to help treasury and finance professionals develop an understanding of the information technology security issues facing their organizations and how it relates to their roles to ultimately integrate into a cohesive cybersecurity strategy. Topics include how data breaches occur, the common methods used in a cyberattack, data protection controls and regulations that may affect your business, and why governance is a critical factor in any organization’s cybersecurity posture.

Learning Objectives

  • Three key dimensions of cybersecurity -- people, technology, and governance
  • How to evaluate cyber threats in the context of reputational risk, business continuity, and investment priorities.
  • The details of major cyber incidents across industries in the recent past, and key lessons learned from them.
  • How to optimize the allocation of your cybersecurity spend to reflect the value of different data assets.
  • How to incorporate cyber risk management into existing risk management frameworks and enhance organizational awareness of cyber threats.


Glenn Fitton
Senior Cyber Consultant
ITC Secure