Working with Imperfect Data
Learn from Najeeb Uddin, CIO at AARP, and Ed Cook, president of The Change Decision, about managing imperfect data and external perspectives on the topic.


What Are the Risks of Cryptocurrency?
Managing cryptocurrency requires understanding the unique risks involved and developing appropriate strategies for treasurers and finance professionals.


Digital Payments for B2B Transactions on the Rise
Checks usage declining internationally, payments experts discuss the gap between paper checks and ACH credits in North America in an AFP webinar.


Automation Provides Business Continuity Protection
Staffing is a crucial aspect of business continuity planning, requiring the consideration of individual skills, knowledge, and experience to ensure the people side of the plan is up to date.


7 Steps on an EPM Transformation Journey
AFP FP&A Mini Case Study series showcases examples of tackling challenges, including establishing EPM reporting platforms.


The Road to Treasury Optimization
A three-part podcast series delves into the transformation of the treasury landscape in the Asia-Pacific region.


APAC Treasury Advisory Council Profile: Joris Chevaux
Joris Chevaux, Regional Treasury Manager for Southeast Asia and Oceania at a global cosmetic retailer, is a member of AFP's APAC Treasury Advisory Council.


Top 5 Tasks of a Treasury Analyst
The key responsibilities of treasurers, including financial strategy and risk management, are outlined, with treasury analyst as the entry-level position.


Improving Finance Agility to Support the Business
The AFP FP&A Mini Case Study series presents an international nonprofit organization's collaboration across functions to deliver a new digital product during the pandemic, demonstrating agile and innovative finance practices.


Understanding the Finance and Accountant Careers Website
Recent, relevant data on finance roles is crucial for both job seekers and hiring managers to ensure competitiveness and skill alignment.


Treasury Job Descriptions
Treasury job descriptions, from the Treasurer through Assistant Cash Manager, with suggested experience, job knowledge and skills outlined.


Rate Increases and Working Capital: An Update from the APAC Region
Insights from APAC treasury professionals reveal current challenges and strategic focuses on foreign exchange and working capital management.


Finance Job Descriptions
Corporate finance job descriptions, from the CFO through Financial Analyst, with suggested experience, job knowledge and skills outlined.


6 Technologies That Will Transform Treasury: Thanksgiving Edition
The momentum toward a digital-first strategy accelerates as companies strive to stay competitive. Explore the technology landscape and innovative technologies shaping the business environment.


5 Ways to Visualize Data: Thanksgiving Edition
Four data visualization experts create holiday-related charts and explain their visualization choices.


MEA Regional Update: Working Capital Challenges & AFP in Egypt
Treasury professionals discuss economic challenges in the Middle East and Africa region, including increased interest rates, credit scarcity, working capital issues, and accurate forecasting amidst economic turmoil.


CTP Profile: Helping to ‘Bring Good Things to Life’
Shawn Xu, CTP, reflects on his introduction to corporate treasury during an internship at Nestlé's Regional Treasury Center.


One Source of Truth: Metrics for Accurate Performance
A senior-level FP&A practitioner shares a mini case study on creating a single source of truth for metrics using one data source and platform, enabling faster change management.


Accounting to FP&A: A Career Path of Continuous Learning
Scott Corvey's career journey from accounting to FP&A demonstrates the value of continuous learning.


8 Steps Companies Should Take When Managing Cryptocurrency
Companies prepare for the potential acceptance of cryptocurrencies and its impact on their operations.


Getting Your Data Right Requires FP&A
Hear from AFP members who continue to face challenges in managing data effectively and learn how to improve data quality and management in treasury and finance operations.


Creating a More Diverse Workforce in the Finance Profession
Discover the unknown world of treasury and finance careers. Many students and newcomers are unaware of the opportunities in this field.


Why Focusing on People Is Important to Business Continuity
Developing business continuity plans, including procedures for staff shortage scenarios, is crucial for risk management.


The Struggle is Real: Finding and Hiring FP&A Talent
Explore strategies and best practices for finding and hiring top FP&A talent in a competitive market.


AFP Announces New Members of the Board of Directors
AFP is proud to introduce the new chair and vice chairs of the Board of Directors, as well as some new directors.


How the FPAC Transformed Sultan Mujallid’s Career
Sultan Mujallid shares his FP&A career journey, the impact of the FPAC certification, and his role in the AFP Middle East and Africa FP&A Advisory Council.


Check Use Drops to All-Time Low for B2B Payments
Explore the declining usage of checks for B2B payments in North America and its implications according to the 2022 AFP Digital Payments Survey.


Marsh McLennan Wins 2022 AFP Pinnacle Award
Marsh McLennan wins the 2022 AFP Pinnacle Awards Grand Prize for excellence in treasury and finance, showcasing their industry-leading achievements.


Buying More Time with Robotic Process Automation
A case study showcases how robotic process automation (RPA) saves time for the FP&A team and adds value to a pharmaceutical manufacturer.


Asif Masani on Becoming a Finance Business Partner
Asif Masani, an FP&A manager at Coursera, shares his experiences in writing content for fellow practitioners, maintaining agility while growing as a company, and the importance of mindset in becoming a finance business partner.


Three Keys to Treasury Optimization
Webinar explores the three keys to treasury optimization and provides practical examples.


Trends in the Global Migration to Digital Payments
The Covid-19 pandemic accelerates the global shift to digital payments, with regional differences remaining.


Making a Business Case for Real-Time Payments
Understand the implications of increased usage of real-time payments, including the need for a shift from other payment types and the associated exposure to risk.


Amazon Partners with AFP on DEI Awareness Initiative
Discover the partnership between AFP and Amazon to provide resources for college students and young professionals in treasury and finance careers.


Creating Value in APAC: FP&A's Role for Organizations
Upgrade FP&A tools and capabilities to become a real-time data analyst and trusted advisor.


Improving Payment Processes: Challenges for Treasury Professionals
Treasury professionals face challenges in improving payment processes and working capital, according to the AFP Strategic Role of Treasury Survey.


Digital Transformation in Finance: 6 Questions with Catherine Jirak
Catherine Jirak, a finance and technology industry veteran, shares insights on the evolving relationship between finance and technology, data challenges, and the future of emerging technologies in finance.


CTP Profile: Filling a Knowledge Gap Led Him to Treasury
Kevin Ng's career in treasury began by volunteering for forecasting and global procurement cashflow, highlighting the opportunities available for growth.


Cash Conversion Cycle: What Is It and How Can You Improve It?
Efficient working capital management brings potential benefits to organizations targeting growth.


Corporate Credit as the Cycle Turns
Moody’s webinar explores evolving corporate credit fundamentals and vulnerable areas.


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