AFP Service Codes Licensing

The AFP Service Codes© may be included in account analysis software packages and services through a licensing agreement with AFP. By licensing the AFP Service Codes for inclusion in their software applications, providers can demonstrate their commitment to meeting the needs of their corporate or financial institution customers and gain competitive advantage over those firms that do not include the AFP Service Codes. Including the Codes in software applications eliminates the need for the end-user to purchase the Codes and manually enter or import the Codes into account analysis software.

Licensing Agreements

Licensing agreements may include:

  • Permission to embed portions of the AFP Service Codes in software applications
  • Ability to provide copies of AFP Service Codes CD to each customer of the licensee
  • Use of AFP Service Codes© Licensed Provider mark
  • Listing in the AFP Service Code Licensed Provider directory on the AFP Web site

Licensed Providers

The following companies are licensed to include the AFP Service Codes in their account analysis applications:

CSS_4_c_logoChesapeake System Solutions Inc.

Chesapeake, the leading provider of a total end-to-end treasury solution, offers an integrated suite of cash management software tools: treasury workstation, reconciliation, process management, account analysis, data collection and compliance. Chesapeake's client base represents a broad range of business sectors, including services, banking, government and retail. Working with a client's existing platforms and procedures, Chesapeake provides both the industry and technical expertise to simplify and enhance treasury operations. SmartAnalysis, Chesapeake's versatile, multi-functional bank fee analysis system, offers a browser-based application to automatically import, standardize and compare all banking relationships. This widely-used software immediately alerts the user to any bank discrepancies, streamlines negotiated fee structures, and quickly spots trends to reduce bank expenses.


Since 1986, GTreasury has grown into the global leader of treasury management solutions. GTreasury focuses on illuminating liquidity by centralizing all banking and cash management activities, including tracking all financial isntruments, thereby granting GTreasury users real-time insight and access into their global liquidity. Our modular platform and infrastructure allows any size treasury operation the ability to customize a solution that best suits their needs. As one of the fastes growing accoutn analysis offerings today, GTreasury is proud to provide the AFP Service Codes within our application for our users. For more information please visit


TIPCO is specialised in Treasury Reporting and Liquidity Planning and combines Treasury Knowhow with Business Intelligence expertise. This powerful combination allows TIPCO to implement demanding reporting solutions to the satisfaction of our customers. Companies with a 200 million € revenue, right up to some of the largest corporations worldwide, use TIP daily due to the high scalability of the system. While smaller companies appreciate TIP due to the simplicity of implementation and usage, larger companies have a predilection for the ability to integrate with existing systems and the complete reporting at the push of a button. TIPCO’s bank fee analysis module fits nicely in the broader aspect of bank relationship management reporting which includes accounts, credit lines, guarantees, fx-transactions, bank meetings, signatory users and qualitative surveys about banks. For more information, please visit

index3Hanse Orga Finance Solutions

Hanse Orga, a leading provider of SAP® integrated financial software, offers a comprehensive model for treasury, cash application, payments, cash and liquidity management, bank fee analysis, and account management. As these solutions are fully embedded in the clients’ SAP® systems, they deliver unparalleled levels of efficiency and transparency for more than 500 clients world-wide. FinanceSuite eBAM is Hanse Orga’s interoperable, multi-bank solution for bank fee analysis, bank account and relationship management, compliance reporting, and supports eBAM messaging. The application standardizes the account analysis processes and minimizes the effort and time in obtaining, reconciling, and comparing bank services, fees, and performance. For more information, please visit

Fiserv CBS Worldwide

CBS Worldwide is a unit of Fiserv, Inc. and is a leading financial information systems provider serving the global marketplace. More than 200 commercial banks, private banks, finance houses, building societies, credit unions, thrifts and diversified financial companies use Fiserv CBS technology.

index5The Weiland Financial Group, Inc.

Weiland Corporate Solutions, now a business unit of Fiserv, is the only vendor to specialize in account analysis and signatory solutions both for corporates and financial institutions. Weiland has served on both the AFP Paper Statements Standards Committee and the Electronic ANSI X12/822 Committee. The most widely used account analysis system, Bank Relationship Manager™, has helped companies reconcile and control bank fees for more than 25 years. BRM™ enables Fortune 1000 corporations to manage both domestic and international bank fees, easily scanning every line of every statement for more than 30 types of discrepancies.   If offers a wide range of reporting options including what-if modeling of any scenario as well as full function bank fee budgeting. Weiland also offers Bank Administrator to manage day-to-day authority and account maintenance tasks allowing solid internal and external controls to help companies meet their audit and compliance requirements.  Bank Administrator fully supports the SWIFT eBAM standards and allows companies to meet FBAR filing requirements.  Weiland offers in-house, SaaS or fully outsourced solutions along with training, outsourcing and consulting.