AFP Money Market Funds Monitor

Daily yields, assets and WAMs for top-yielding U.S. and Offshore institutional money-market funds.

The Association for Financial Professionals (AFP), in partnership with EPFR, is pleased to offer AFP members access to comparative daily information for institutional money-market funds. This money fund data provides corporate cash investors with critical information needed to make daily investment decisions. In addition, this data assists with reducing risk, compliance and due-diligence reporting. EPFR is the leading provider of money fund information and analytics.

Money fund data for AFP members includes:

  • Top 10-yielding Institutional money funds
  • Offshore and U.S. fund information
  • 1-, 7- and 30-day yields
  • WAMs
  • Prospectuses
  • Fund fact sheets
  • Portfolio assets
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This money fund information is generated from EPFR's Web-based Money Fund Monitor. This product also offers money fund benchmarks, AAA ratings, portfolio composition, interest rates, commentary, and data for more than 2,000 global money-market funds.

For additional money fund information or complete access to Money Fund Monitor, please contact Kevin Grist at (339) 526-0866 or [email protected]

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