2020 AFP Planning for Recovery Survey


When this survey was conducted (Fall of 2020), it had been over six months since COVID-19 began spreading through the globe, altering the way in which almost the entire world lives, learns and has greatly impacted how organizations operate.

While the COVID-19 pandemic continued to have a global impact, businesses gradually resumed operations and sought a path forward in an uncertain economy. CEOs and Boards of Directors placed new demands on treasury and finance teams. Lessons learned during the pandemic will be applied to new strategies and tactics for future success. While some business functions will return to normal, others may be permanently impacted as organizations re-assess their business operations and re-prioritize as a result of this historic event. How work gets done, where work gets done, and the relative importance of work to organizations may all be irrevocably altered.    

In the early months of the pandemic, AFP surveyed Treasury and FP&A professionals to gauge the impact of the pandemic on their organizations and how they were responding to the crisis.  Six months later, the AFP Planning for Recovery Survey gathered perspectives from Treasury and FP&A professionals representing various industries across the globe as they begin to emerge from this unprecedented crisis and plan for their organization’s recovery.

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AFP Planning for Recovery Report: All Respondents

AFP Planning for Recovery Report: Treasury

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