Challenges with Concentrating Cash Across Borders
Companies operating in more than one country often want to manage their cash in a similar manner. Pooling solutions, both physical and notional, are available that make it possible for multinationals to concentrate cash regionally and globally. Yet, there are still multiple hurdles facing multinational corporations that want to concentrate all their cash on a regional or a global basis.


5 Common Types of Financial Charts for Data Storytelling
Financial charts help you tell the story that the data conveys, ensuring everyone in your audience understands the meaning behind the data. With the variety of charts that are out there, how do you choose the most appropriate chart? We’ve compiled a list of some of the most commonly used charts in finance.


AFP Partners with IACBE to Help Students Cultivate Essential Skills for Finance Careers
AFP has teamed up with the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) to further the reach of AFP’s University Partners Program (UPP). The IACBE is a leading outcomes-based professional accreditation agency for business and management education in colleges and universities whose primary purpose is excellence in teaching and learning.


Mastering Financial Agility: AFP's MEA Treasury Council Discusses Working Capital Amid Economic Adversity
Implementing effective working capital optimization techniques can alleviate immediate liquidity pressures and help ensure that companies who excel in the practice are better positioned to shift their focus towards long-term growth.


AFP Survey Finds FP&A Practitioners Are Techno-Optimists
Overall, FP&A practitioners view technology, data management and digital transformation as areas of opportunity and professional development, and they would eagerly apply added time and resources to those areas if they could.


How to Conduct a Successful RFP for a Financial Service Provider
It's not always easy to figure out which FSP is the best fit for your organization. The decision to engage a specific FSP for one service or product can have ripple effects on how you manage your relationship with them. Whether an organization opts for a formal selection process depends on its procurement policy. One common selection method is the request for proposal (RFP) process.


Transforming FP&A Management Reporting & Planning
Flying in the face of 150 years of tradition, the CEO of a professional services company unveiled a strategic initiative aimed at fostering greater cohesion among the various operating companies, which had all been operating independently.


Are Certified Professionals More Likely to Get Hired?
For decades now, we have been taught that the credentials that make for a standout job candidate or the best candidate for promotion are held almost exclusively in the hands of traditional education, i.e., a bachelor’s degree typically followed by a master’s degree. What if we told you that all evidence points to the fact that this is no longer the case? And what if we also told you that when it comes to getting ahead, professional certification is the key?


Headcount Drivers to Manage Cash for Venture-Backed Companies
Cash is limited for startups, but with a dedicated FP&A function, companies can extend the runway, ensuring efficient operations and growth. Managing growth is hard; FP&A helps startups design their future and connect hiring milestones.


A Career in FP&A vs Accounting
Moving into FP&A also requires a big shift in mindset. You will be going from reporting what happened to why it happened — and what’s likely to happen going forward. You will need to become future-looking, comfortable with ambiguity, and a creative, big-picture thinker.


North America FP&A Advisory Council Set to Drive Profession Forward
The AFP Financial Planning and Analysis Advisory Council (FPAAC) is instrumental in helping AFP deliver insightful, relevant and timely content to the membership and community. Using its three main functions of communication, thought leadership, and promotion and advocacy, over the past year, FPAAC contributed to many achievements in 2023.


What Treasury Professionals Need to Know About U.S. Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting
Since January 1, 2024, the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) clock has begun for compliance with the Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) Reporting Rule.


2023 in Review
Discover which topics were the most popular among treasury and finance professionals in 2023. We’ve compiled a list of the top research and guides, articles, training and podcasts, as well as conversations on AFP Collaborate with the most activity.


How to Succeed in Your New Finance Job
With every new job comes a set of unspoken rules you won’t find in the onboarding guide. Whether this is your first job out of college or you’re joining a new company, following the five tips below will help you to succeed in your new job.


Land a Job in Finance with These 5 Tips
The demand for finance professionals is high. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to make a career change, now is a great time to work in finance. Here are five tips to help you land a job in finance.


What Finance Professionals Learned in 2023
In finance, we are often asked “the three what’s” — what happened, what does it mean and what do we do next? For us personally, let’s take time to think about the past year, reflect on our own ideas as well as those of our peers, and plan how to best spend our energies in the year ahead.


How to Set Goals for 2024
The start of a new year is synonymous with goal setting. We spend the year-end reflecting on what we accomplished, what didn’t work out, and how we want the new year to be different, and then we set goals accordingly.


Finance Professionals Share Their Goals for 2024
Do you wonder about the goals your finance peers set for themselves each year? What are their priorities? How are they thinking about their organization as we enter the new year?


7 Steps to an Effective Risk Management Process
A risk management process is the means by which an organization identifies, assesses and mitigates any threats or uncertainties that may negatively impact it.


The DuPont System: Comprehensive Ratio Analysis
Every consumer wants to know if they're getting their money’s worth before spending or investing. For investors, the most common way to address this question is to ask, “How does the company create income (the return) relative to the investment of the shareholders (the equity)?”


Overcoming Roadblocks in Your Transition from Accounting to FP&A
Many valuable skills from the accounting field can significantly enhance FP&A. Many former accountants have risen to leadership roles within FP&A, demonstrating that the transition can be made and that accounting skills are valued in the FP&A world.


Fundamentals of Financial Statement Analysis
Financial statement analysis tells a story about your company’s choices. They could reveal how efficient and effective the company is at managing its assets and liabilities. Or they could help determine if the company is in a position to experience significant growth.


AFP Survey Identifies Main Roadblocks to AI Implementation in Treasury and Finance
At AFP 2023, attendees were surveyed regarding their perspectives on AI, ranging from implementation to readiness to whether they felt AI would mean job loss or displacement. Here are the top three roadblocks they believe organizations have or will experience as a result of AI implementation.


APAC Treasury Advisory Council Profile: Nicholas Hardy
For Nicholas Hardy, his career in treasury started in a way familiar to many other treasury professionals: as an accountant. Hardy successfully completed the chartered accountancy qualification, then relatively early on in his career, he was offered the opportunity to move into corporate treasury.


Experts Emphasize the Importance of Preparedness in Risk Management
When it comes to managing cyber risk and macroeconomic risk, preparedness is everything, according to experts on the AFP webinar “Treasury's Role in Controlling and Mitigating Risk.”


5 Ways to Lead Your Team Through Change
As humans, we are hardwired to interpret change as a threat. However, by taking a neuroscientific approach to understanding our reactions, we can get better at managing change.


FP&A’s Role in Managing Operational Risk
When it comes to navigating unchartered waters, one Head of FP&A learned the value of identifying and quantifying the company’s risks and creating a mitigation plan to address each one. The company successfully mitigated the majority of its risks by quantifying them.


Overrated or Underrated: Private Equity External Reporting, Cost Cutting as a Strategy, and Big Data
We asked finance professionals on AFP’s North America FP&A Advisory Council to discuss what they think is overrated or underrated in finance. Here is what they had to say.


Business Outcomes Realized via Liquidity Planning
Liquidity planning takes cash forecasting to the next level by harnessing APIs, AI and data analytics to make the forecasting process more efficient and enable real-time scenario modeling.


Five Insights on Bank Relationship Management
The importance of the relationship between treasury professionals and banks cannot be overstated. It’s one that needs to be managed as closely as any other treasury risk, as positive banking relationships create a system of financial stability and resiliency.


Customer Journey: User Journey-Based Financial Planning
In today's competitive business landscape, companies that place the customer at the heart of their operations consistently outperform their rivals. One of the key drivers behind their success? A customer journey strategy.


Your Personal Digital Readiness: Results From the AFP Survey
We defined digital readiness as openness to learn about and apply leading technology and data trends. This past summer, more than 900 finance and treasury professionals took part in the 2018 AFP survey, “Your Personal Digital Readiness.”


Reducing Payments Fraud in Treasury and A/P
The risk of fraud is never far from a treasurer’s mind, with ever more sophisticated cyber risks emerging alongside longstanding causes of fraud. Although banks do (or at least should) have their own fraud prevention and detection checks, these checks do vary significantly in utility and effectiveness. As a consequence, companies should assume as much responsibility as possible for fraud prevention and reduction by adopting a series of actions as part of their payment processes.


Incorporating AI into a Customer Retention Program
Finance can understand the decisions being made, the meaning of the data and the constraints of the business model.


Incorporating AI into Revenue Forecasting
The forecast can be built up with layers like a cake; use AI as the base that aggregates history and data, then lay on top human adjustments and data overrides, and company maturity with the technology.


Four Rules for Your AI Journey
In a recent AFP webinar, we asked attendees, “Where is your organization’s finance team regarding AI use?” The majority (76%) said they are in the beginning stages, “Considering it with some exploration.”


5 Steps for Effective Ratio Analysis
Are we earning enough income? Can we pay our bills? Will we continue to exist over the long term? Questions like these and others arise when assessing the financial health of companies. Assessing the financial health of companies can be done in many ways, and one way is ratio analysis.


Casey’s General Stores Wins the AFP 2023 Pinnacle Awards
Casey’s General Stores was announced the winner of the AFP 2023 Pinnacle Awards Grand Prize for excellence in treasury and finance. The Pinnacle Awards Grand Prize, sponsored by U.S. Bank, was presented during AFP 2023 in San Diego, Calif. The Grand Prize was chosen through a vote by treasury and finance professionals.


Why Agility Matters to Finance
The term agility implies a mindset open to change, the ability to rapidly assess the environment and the capability for action that effects change. The importance of agility is often seen in adapting capabilities of working toward goals, while resilience is a complementary term often phrased as the ability to achieve goals in the face of difficulties, such as COVID, supply chain disruptions and instability.


Liquidity Planning: Cash Forecasting 2.0
APIs allow data to be collated from multiple sources, both internal and external, eliminating much of the manual process traditionally associated with forecasting. AI can be used to identify patterns in payments to better forecast future cash flows. And data analytics is developing over time, such that it is possible to not only forecast the most likely future cash position but also model alternative scenarios too.


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