7 Steps on an EPM Transformation Journey
The AFP FP&A Mini Case Study series is designed to help you build up key FP&A capabilities and skills by sharing examples of how leading practitioners have tackled challenges in their work and the lessons learned. In this case study, a consultant advising a genomic testing services company shares their seven-step approach to successfully establish a new enterprise performance management (EPM) reporting & planning platform, foundational business process changes, and the operational benefits it provides.


The Road to Treasury Optimization
The treasury landscape is transforming in the Asia-Pacific region. In a special three-part series of the AFP Conversations podcast, we take a deep dive into questions such as, how has the pandemic accelerated finance and treasury transformations? What should you consider when you’re looking to enhance liquidity management? And what does the future of digital treasury look like?


APAC Treasury Advisory Council Profile: Joris Chevaux
Joris Chevaux, CTP, works for a global cosmetic retailer, a company that is part of a French Group listed on the Euronext Paris Stock Exchange. He is the Regional Treasury Manager for Southeast Asia and Oceania. Chevaux is also a member of AFP's Asia-Pacific (APAC) Treasury Advisory Council. "It’s a great way to network with other treasury peers and great treasury minds all over Asia.”


Top 5 Tasks of a Treasury Analyst
Treasurers help shape the future of a company’s financial strategy. Most importantly, they make sure there’s enough money to pay the bills. Beyond that, treasurers manage the financial risks of an organization and ensure there’s funding for new ventures. How do you get started? The entry-level position for treasury is that of treasury analyst. Below, we’ve compiled the top five tasks of this position to give you an idea of what it entails.


Improving Finance Agility to Support the Business
The AFP FP&A Mini Case Study series is designed to help you build up key FP&A capabilities and skills by sharing examples of how leading practitioners have tackled challenges in their work and the lessons learned. In this case study, the regional head of FP&A at an international nonprofit organization shares how Finance collaborated cross-functionally to help the organization rapidly deliver a new digital product during the pandemic when the old format was no longer viable.


Understanding the Finance and Accountant Careers Website
Whether you’re looking for a job in finance or trying to hire for an open position, recent, relevant data about similar roles can make all the difference in the process. For hiring managers, it means making sure what they’re offering is competitive in the talent marketplace. For professionals, it means making sure they have the necessary skills and certifications to stand out.


Treasury Job Descriptions
Treasury job descriptions, from the Treasurer through Assistant Cash Manager, with suggested experience, job knowledge and skills outlined.


Rate Increases and Working Capital: An Update from the APAC Region
In a meeting with treasury professionals from the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, Tom Hunt, AFP’s director of treasury and payment services, gathered some interesting takeaways about their current challenges and strategic focuses around foreign exchange and working capital management.


Corporate Finance Job Descriptions
Corporate finance job descriptions, from the CFO through Financial Analyst, with suggested experience, job knowledge and skills outlined.


6 Technologies That Will Transform Corporate Treasury: Thanksgiving Edition
The momentum toward a digital-first strategy continues to accelerate, as companies look to stay competitive and relevant in the current business environment. At the same time, the technology landscape continues to grow with innovative technologies that are available now or just on the horizon.


5 Ways to Visualize Data: Thanksgiving Edition
While there is no one right way to visualize data, pairing a method that complements your message is key to effective delivery. As a fun exercise leading into Thanksgiving in the United States, we invited four data visualization experts to create charts related to the holiday and explain the choices they made in their visualization.


MEA Regional Update: Global Challenges to Working Capital, FX, and Forecasting Accuracy, Plus AFP Visits Egypt
Like the rest of the globe, the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region is facing economic challenges in the form of increased interest rates, absence or scarcity of credit and working capital, and trying to build an accurate forecast in the midst of it all. To better understand the effects of the current economic environment on the MEA region, we spoke with treasury professionals in the region, via a discussion led by Tom Hunt, AFP’s director of treasury services and payments.


CTP Profile: Helping to ‘Bring Good Things to Life’
It was an internship with the Nestlé Regional Treasury Center in Singapore, as part of their FX and Risk Department, that first introduced Shawn Xu, CTP, to the world of corporate treasury. “The team was very forthcoming and gave me a good overview of the role a corporate treasury department plays in an organization,” said Xu.


One Source of Truth for Metrics Provides True Picture of Company’s Performance
The AFP FP&A Mini Case Study series is designed to help you build up key FP&A capabilities and skills by sharing examples of how leading practitioners have tackled challenges in their work and the lessons learned. In this case study, a senior-level FP&A practitioner at a leading global provider of insurance shares how creating one source of truth for metrics, from one data source, using one platform, allows the company’s managers to compare themselves against their peers, making change management occur at a much faster rate.


Accounting to FP&A: A Career Path of Continuous Learning
The career path of Scott Corvey, FPAC, is a compelling lesson in the value of continuous learning throughout a career. Scott, a member of AFP’s North American FP&A Advisory Council, shared with AFP the story of the rise of his career in accounting, his decision to transition to FP&A, and how accounting and FP&A skill sets work so well together.


8 Steps Companies Should Take When Managing Cryptocurrency
For most treasurers, having to manage cryptocurrency is a question of timing. While only a small proportion of companies already accept cryptocurrency, most recognize that this will change, perhaps in the very near future. And when it does, companies that are crypto-ready may have a competitive advantage over those that are not.


Getting Your Data Right Requires FP&A
It has been almost two decades since we were introduced to the phrase, “data is the new oil.” And while data permeates every facet of life and work, many of our AFP members tell us they still struggle to get their data right.


Creating a More Diverse Workforce in the Finance Profession
What does a career in treasury and finance look like to students or people who are just starting out in the workforce? If they’ve never been exposed to that world, it is a complete unknown. In fact, it’s likely not even on their radar.


Why Focusing on People Is Important to Business Continuity
Developing and updating business continuity plans is an important part of risk management. It allows companies, and individual departments, to think through various scenarios and set out procedures to cover those eventualities. One such scenario is staff shortage, which can occur due to planned absence or longer-term reasons, such as multiple resignations.


The Struggle is Real: Finding and Hiring FP&A Talent
The struggle to find and secure FP&A talent is real. How do employers identify the FP&A talent they want — and improve their chances of hiring them? How can applicants identify quality employers — and increase their chances of landing a great role?


AFP Announces New Members of the Board of Directors
AFP is proud to introduce the new chair and vice chairs of the Board of Directors, as well as some new directors.


How the FPAC Transformed Sultan Mujallid’s Career
As part of our series profiling individual council members, AFP’s Director of FP&A Practice Bryan Lapidus, FPAC, recently sat down with Sultan Mujallid, FPAC, to talk about his 16+ year career journey in FP&A, how the FPAC certification empowered his career, and what he is looking forward to as a member of the AFP Middle East and Africa FP&A Advisory Council.


Check Use Drops to All-Time Low for B2B Payments
Check usage continues to decline for business-to-business (B2B) payments in U.S. and Canada (North America), falling to an all-time low of 33% since AFP began tracking this data in 2004, according to the 2022 AFP Digital Payments Survey, underwritten by J.P. Morgan.


Marsh McLennan Wins 2022 AFP Pinnacle Awards Grand Prize for Excellence in Treasury and Finance
Marsh McLennan was announced the winner of the AFP 2022 Pinnacle Awards Grand Prize for excellence in treasury and finance. The Pinnacle Grand Prize, sponsored by MUFG, was presented during AFP 2022 in Philadelphia, Pa.


Buying More Time with Robotic Process Automation
The AFP FP&A Mini Case Study series is designed to help you build up key FP&A capabilities and skills by sharing examples of how leading practitioners have tackled challenges in their work and the lessons learned. In this case study, the regional head of FP&A at a global pharmaceuticals manufacturer shares how robotic process automation (RPA) saved the FP&A team time to work on tasks that added value to the company.


Asif Masani on Becoming a Finance Business Partner
Asif Masani is a familiar face in the FP&A world, helping over 40,000 LinkedIn followers develop essential FP&A skills. He maintains a full-time job at Coursera as a financial planning and analysis manager, and he is a speaker at AFP’s FP&A Series: Get Your Talent Right. AFP’s Director of FP&A Practice Bryan Lapidus, FPAC, recently sat down with Masani to discuss how he began writing content for fellow practitioners, the challenge of maintaining agility while growing as a company, and the importance of having the right mindset to become a finance business partner.


Three Keys to Treasury Optimization
In a recent webinar, we explored the three keys to treasury optimization, which contributes significantly to a team’s effectiveness as a strategic business partner to its organization, C-suite and board of directors. Here we provide you with some basic tenets of each key, as well as some practical examples of how these keys were implemented.


Trends in the Global Migration to Digital Payments
The Covid-19 pandemic has clearly accelerated the global migration to digital payments. There is now unmistakable evidence of a gradual shift toward their adoption. You can expect ‘new’ payment methods, such as digital wallets and QR codes, to grow in popularity globally in future years. However, that is for the future and regional differences remain.


Making a Business Case for Real-Time Payments
Any increased use of real-time payments will likely mean a shift away from another type of payment, with an established set of procedures and, consequently, a different exposure to risk.


Amazon Partners with AFP on DEI Awareness Initiative
AFP and Amazon have partnered to provide college students and young professionals with resources to help launch and develop their careers in treasury and finance, as part of AFP’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Awareness Initiative for Treasury and Finance.


How FP&A Can Create Value for Organizations in the Asia-Pacific Region
FP&A has an opportunity to lead the charge as a real-time data analyst, trusted advisor and skilled communicator. To get there, however, FP&A will need to upgrade its tools and create new capabilities for finance, ultimately forming new operating models for how FP&A delivers its services to the company.


Improving Payment Processes and Working Capital Improvements Are the Most Challenging Tasks for Treasury Professionals
Improving payment processes and working capital improvements are the two most challenging tasks facing treasury professionals today, according to the 2022 AFP Strategic Role of Treasury Survey, supported by Marsh McLennan.


6 Questions with Catherine Jirak on the Digital Transformation in Finance
Catherine Jirak is an industry veteran at the intersection of finance and technology, having worked on one of the first major transitions to finance automation at a Fortune 500 company and continuing as the founding partner of QueBIT consulting, an enterprise performance management implementer. AFP’s director of FP&A practice, Bryan Lapidus, recently caught up with Jirak to talk about the evolving relationship between finance and technology, the biggest challenge with data today and the future of emerging technologies in finance.


CTP Profile: Filling a Knowledge Gap Led Him to Treasury
‘Just being proactive in taking on new responsibilities’ is what Kevin Ng might say about the opportunity that led to his career in treasury. He started out by volunteering to forecast global procurement cashflow and paying the global suppliers for SVP Worldwide. The global CFO at that time was heavily involved in day-to-day treasury operations, and the complex cashflow forecast model helped get Kevin noticed in the organization.


Cash Conversion Cycle: What Is It and How Can You Improve It?
All organizations know the importance of managing cash and working capital; without them, organizations simply cannot exist. Yet, when targeting growth, too many organizations focus on trying to increase sales or reduce supplier costs, while ignoring the potential benefits of efficient working capital management.


Corporate Credit as the Cycle Turns
In a recent webinar hosted by AFP, Moody’s, a global integrated risk assessment firm, provided in-depth insight into how corporate credit fundamentals are evolving at a high macro level, the crossover zone, and which areas are most vulnerable to adverse developments in the credit cycle.


The Association for Financial Professionals Welcomes Morgan Stanley to its DEI Awareness Initiative
Morgan Stanley has joined AFP’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Awareness Initiative for Treasury and Finance, which helps college students and young professionals from underrepresented communities pursue careers in treasury and finance.


AFP Launches the Middle East and Africa FP&A Advisory Council
AFP announced the formation of its new Middle East and Africa (MEA) Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) Advisory Council. The objective of the Council is to provide subject matter expertise and guidance to ensure that AFP delivers products and services that meet the needs of the corporate finance community in the MEA region.


The 5 Key Principles of Nonverbal Communication
The transition in recent years to a virtual/remote environment has changed the way we work and communicate. Workplace trends indicate that a remote or hybrid work environment is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future.


What Makes Real-Time Payments Different?
Real-time payments represent a step-change in the evolution of payment instruments. Although they are often viewed as just another type of faster payment, they have some distinct characteristics that stand them apart from others, such as Same-Day ACH.


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