Revolutionizing Finance: AI in the Office of Finance

AI is reshaping the future for the Office of Finance and has the potential to elevate the scope and value for Finance teams as a strategic advisor across the organization. Finance transformation experts Scott Leshinski, SVP Commercial Expansion, of OneStream Software, and John Behme, Director of Financial Systems & Analytics,  of Sonoco, discuss recent AI research, challenges in enterprise adoption and opportunities for Finance teams to apply AI to deliver forecasting agility, accuracy and insights across key planning and reporting processes.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the latest trends and advancements in AI-driven finance and how AI is reshaping financial strategies and decision making processes.
  • Hear a case study on integrating AI solutions into financial management practices.

Presented by: Scott Leshinski, SVP Commercial Expansion - OneStream Software
Presented by: John Behme, Director, Global Financial Systems & Analytics - Sonoco

This on-demand session is pre-recorded. To earn FPAC and/or CTP/CCM credits, complete the accompanying quiz and session evaluation at the conclusion of the recording. On completion you will receive your credits confirmation.

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