Your session was selected for the 2025 AFP FP&A Forum! This is no easy feat. Over --- session proposals were reviewed and debated by a task force of you finance practitioner peers and only about ---- made the final cut.

But your work doesn’t stop there. You need to create a presentation that educates and motivates your audience. Whether this is your first time speaking or you’re an expert looking for inspiration, check out some of our speaker resources including the Speaker Guide, training videos on presentation skills, and so much more.

Presentation Skills

Practice, Practice, Practice

To feel extra confident during your presentation, make sure you rehearse. This will ensure you know the material and can cover everything you’d like. If you can rehearse with your co-presenters, that’s even better! At the very least, hold a meeting with everyone beforehand to discuss your session.

When you’re on-site, head to your session room to become familiar with your surroundings. Check sight lines, check microphone levels and run through your presentation so you’re ready to go when it’s the real deal.


Communicating Numbers & Data

60% of your audience will be corporate practitioners and 40% will be associates. Think about how you can effectively relate to them. Be an Edutainer (yes, you read that right) While your peers are attending to learn, it does not hurt to entertain them in the process. Even the most professorial academic speakers win points for being fun to listen to.

Spice up your serious review of the issues with examples of your own experience that reveal who you are and stories that illustrate your points. Audiences love stories and when you share genuine feelings you create an immediate connection with them.


Creating Your Presentation & Preparing for Delivery

30 slides/hourMaybe too fast, too much information
5 slides/hourNot enough information for a useful handout
10-25 slides/hourAbout right, depending on your style
To ensure consistency, you must use the AFP 2024 PowerPoint template that is provided.
We suggest the following font sizes:
Titles: 40–44 point font sizeText: 32–36 point font size
No smaller than 28 points 


Speaker Guide

AFP 2024 is a gateway into the heart of the treasury and finance profession. It's an opportunity for your message to shine, which is why we've put together a page complete with tips, tricks, Speaker Guide and informational videos that will help ensure you give the most effective presentation possible.

Download the Speaker Guide


Module 1: Creating Content

Download Module 1 Presentation


Module 2: Preparing Yourself and Your Presentation Team

Download Module 2 Presentation


Module 3: Delivering Your Presentation

Download Module 3 Presentation