Reporting Credits

AFP will send reminder notifications via e-mail. Non-receipt of a recertification reminder does not waive the requirement to recertify and will not serve as an appeal to revocation. Please notify AFP if your e-mail or other contact information changes.

Certificants have two options for reporting credits earned. The first and preferred option is the AFP Online Recertification Resource Center credit tracking tool (see below for more information regarding the online submission of credits). Once you have earned and logged all 36 credits, the tool will prompt you to pay your recertification fee online using a credit card. That is the only accepted payment method for online recertification. Please do not send checks for online recertification.

The second option is to submit the Recertification Reporting Form. This option must be used when paying by check.

Please complete the form as indicated and mail or fax to AFP. You may only submit this form once all 36 recertification credits have been earned. Therefore, do not send in the Recertification Reporting Form multiple times with less than 36 recertification credits reported. The only exception to this rule is for approved extensions.

Sumitting Recertification Credits Online

AFP offers a convenient way to track and submit recertification credits with the AFP Online Recertification Resource Center.

This tool can be accessed only by certificants whose CTP, CTP(CD) and CCM credential is in good standing.

Why use it?

  • It's an easy way to keep track of recertification credits needed to maintain the CTP, CTP(CD) and CCM credentials.
  • It's available to view, update, and print 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • It automatically calculates your eligible recertification credits and remaining credits needed to recertify.
  • It creates a permanent record of all your continuing education and professional development activities for any purpose (i.e. work requirements, resume writing, reporting continuing education for other certifications).

How to use it:

  1. When you complete an activity, just log on to the AFP Online Recertification Resource Center to access and update your credits.
  2. When you complete listing the 36 required credits, click the prompt “CONGRATULATIONS. YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO RECERTIFY. CLICK HERE TO RECERTIFY” to submit your Online Recertification Form and recertification fee. Immediately you will receive an email confirming your certification has been renewed for another three years!
  3. After submitting the 36 credit hours you will be able to continue adding other continuing education activities. The form will accept all credits earned within the 3 year cycle. The credits above the required 36 will be recorded under the column "Total Credits." After reaching the 36 credit requirement, no additional credit will be added to the "Eligible Credits" column.