Calculating Credits

Recertification credits are calculated based on the following guidelines.

  • You may earn any number of credits per year, earn all your credits in one year, or over the course of three years.
  • Some continuing education categories have a maximum number of allowable credits per recertification cycle.
  • A program must be at least 25 minutes to qualify for credit.
  • One (1) recertification credit is equivalent to 50 minutes (including question and answer sessions) of instruction in an eligible topic area.
  • Only qualified educational activities in approved topics should be reported.
  • An activity should be listed exactly as the title appears on the printed materials for the event.
  • Do not forward supporting documentation of attendance or participation to AFP when filing your recertification credits

Example: If a seminar runs from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and includes a one hour lunch and two fifteen minute breaks. There are 390 minutes of instruction (480 (8hrs =480 minutes) - 60 (lunch) - 30 (two breaks)). One recertification credit is earned for every 50 minutes of instruction 390 minutes divided by 50 equals 7.8. This seminar earned 7.8 credits.

Credential holders evaluate their own recertification activities and determine the appropriate number of recertification credits based on the information outlined above. AFP does not review and approve recertification activities for credential holders. Please review the guidelines in its entirety to determine if an activity is eligible.

Documentation of Attendance

It is the responsibility of each CTP and FPAC to maintain records documenting recertification activities for up to two years from the end of the recertification reporting cycle in the event they are selected for the random audit. The documentation must contain the:

  • Name of the sponsoring organization (e.g., ABC Bank, XYZ Corporation)
  • Title of the activity (e.g. Payables Automation, Treasury Roundtable 2012)
  • Date of the activity (the date must fall within your three year cycle)
  • Length of each educational session attended (minus breaks and meals).
  • If the program is advertised as being eligible for CTP/FPAC credits, submit the Attendance Confirmation Form, distributed by the program provider. (NOTE: programs need not be pre-approved by AFP to be eligible for credits).
  • Contact information for a sponsor representative who could verify your attendance if you are audited