As a Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) or Certified Corporate FP&A Professional (FPAC) , you must recertify every three years. To begin the recertification process, submit your credits for review. Click here to learn more about how to earn credits.

Whether through the Exam Prep Platforms, AFP Annual Conference or other professional development activities, each credit symbolizes your commitment to staying current in your field. CTP and FPAC credential holders have two options when reporting credits earned: 

  1. Submitting Recertification Credits Online
  2. Recertification Reporting Form

Learn How to Calculate Credits


AFP offers a convenient way to track and submit recertification credits with the AFP Online Recertification Resource Center. This preferred method is an easy way to keep track of earned credits and is available 24/7. This tool will automatically calculate your eligible recertification credits and remaining credits needed to recertify while also creating a permanent record of all your continuing education (CE) and professional development activities.

When submitting recertification online you must pay the recertification fee with a credit card.

How to use the AFP Online Recertification Resource Center:

  1. Log in
  2. List credits
  3. Choose the prompt “CLICK HERE TO RECERTIFY”
  4. Complete the recertification form and recertification fee (you will receive a confirmation email)
  5. Continue adding other CE activities as needed (The form will accept all credits earned within the 3-year cycle. The credits above the required total will be recorded under the column "Total Credits.")
Check out our Recertification in a Minute video series for tips and guidance on the
AFP Online Recertification Reporting Tool:

Recertification in a Minute


The Recertification Reporting Form must be completed and sent to AFP via mail or fax. Do not send the form until all credits are reported (we will not accept partial credit reporting unless you have been approved for an extension).

You must use this method if paying by check or wire. If you choose this option there will be an additional $25 fee, to avoid this fee use the AFP Online Recertification Resource Center.