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Be better at the job you have and take your career to the next level by continuing to improve your professional skills. With certification, training, and membership opportunities, there is a plethora of ways to improve your professional self.

Explore the expert-crafted resources and tools below, specifically tailored for treasury and finance professionals.


  • Career Pathway

    Explore finance, accounting and treasury career paths available for a wide variety of job roles. Take a deep dive into each role to find salary information, certificate and degree info and the skills required for each position.
  • Heatmap of Supply and Demand

    Use this interactive heatmap to explore granular snapshots of supply and demand data for finance, accounting and treasury jobs at the state and metro area levels.


  • Project Management Essentials

    By Steven Phillips | Assistant Treasurer | AZZ, Inc.
    Become more organized and efficient by learning the essentials of project management.
  • Four Keys to Engaging Presentations

    John Sanchez | Managing Director | FPA Group
    You’re giving a presentation and you want to make it really count. How do you go about making it really impactful?
  • 5 Steps to Asking for the Salary You Deserve

    By Sheri Fitts | Speaker, Author, & Podcaster | ShoeFitts Marketing
    Even if you weren’t the best at negotiating your salary when you first landed the job, it’s never too late to ask for what you want.
  • How to Build a Professional Network

    By Bryan Lapidus, FPAC | Director, FP&A Practice | AFP
    What is networking, why is it important and how do you network effectively?


Figuring Out Your Personal Brand

By Sheri Fitts | Speaker, Author, & Podcaster | ShoeFitts Marketing

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  • Using Tactical Empathy to Build Rapport

    By John Sanchez | Managing Director | FPA Group
    3 mins
    Understand how empathy can foster stronger business relationships.
  • Storytelling for Business

    By John Sanchez | Managing Director | FPA Group
    10 mins
    Learn how to become a captivating presenter and get your point across.
  • Leveraging Introversion as a Superpower

    By John Sanchez | Managing Director | FPA Group
    5 mins
    Open your mind to understanding how natural introvert traits can be leveraged as a superpower that allows one to thrive in their career, build key relationships, and quickly and effectively close skill gaps and drive results.