The AFP Payments Guide series examines payments-related topics that are developed via interviews with treasury professionals. Presented as quarterly case studies with practical applications and tools to help you make informed decisions about key payment services.

AFP Payments Guide to ACH: What Corporates Need to Know

Underwritten by Nacha

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Companies trying to maximize the efficiency of their payments processes have witnessed a dramatic change in the payments landscape, which raises fundamental questions.   

This guide aims to highlight ways in which corporate treasury and payments practitioners can better manage the more complex payments environment. It focuses on identifying opportunities to use ACH more efficiently, in ways that reduce operational cost and risk, and enhance your use of liquidity, given the constant threat of fraud.

Ultimately, our aim is to empower you to engage in insightful conversations with your payment bank/provider, enabling you to make well-informed choices regarding payment options and to maximize the potential of your investments in ACH processes.

Inside you will discover:  

1. The Applicability of Same Day ACH, Both Now and in the Future
2. Improving Operational Efficiency in ACH
3. Takeaways, including how to ensure you have an efficient payments process

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For most organizations, ACH payments will continue to play a key role in your payments strategy. Three elements support the continued use of ACH payments: 

  • ACH payments can accommodate very high volumes of transactions. 
  • ACH payments are understood in the market.  
  • ACH payments are more flexible than ever. 

  • Learn more about ACH payments now and in the future.


    Having clear objectives for the payment strategy will help identify how and where operational improvements can be made. Although specific objectives vary, treasurers generally define greater operational efficiency as improvements in the following areas: 

  • Automation 
  • Security and Control 
  • Visibility 
  • Cost 

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    Having an efficient payments process will help drive improvements in cash visibility and a more effective use of company liquidity. The following three-step approach can help: 

    1. Work with banks to build operational efficiency. 
    2. Decide whether you need access to same day settlement. 
    3. Review your fraud prevention and detection processes. 

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