What Agile Means for Finance: Key Takeaways from the AFP FP&A Series
Agility has become essential as businesses face increasing complexity and dynamics. Learn how organizations need to be responsive, flexible, and resilient to adapt to environmental changes.


Elevating Finance Knowledge for Non-Financial Partners
The Head of FP&A revives and strengthens the influence of the FP&A function at an air navigation services company through proactive measures and improved financial acumen.


Does Green Capital Lead to Green Decisions?
"Green investing" stimulates investments in climate-friendly products and low-emission production.


Integrating ESG into Enterprise Risk Management for Compliance
Integrating ESG into enterprise risk management programs is gaining importance for organizations and regulatory compliance.


In the Midst of Chaos, Treasury Guides Companies to a Safe Landing
Middle East and Africa treasury professionals discuss the financial uncertainty impacting their region.


The Global Rise of Digital Payments and Vetting with KYC
Digital payments have gained popularity due to faster processing and improved security measures. Privacy and security concerns are alleviated.


FPAC Certification Transforms Reda Shousha into a Business Partner
Reda Shousha, a finance professional in the Middle East and Africa, shares his career change story.


Manish Sethia: Effective CTPs Understand All Aspects of Finance
Manish Sethia, CTP, discusses the role of a treasurer in managing liquidity effectively and highlights the importance of comprehensive financial knowledge.


CTP Profile: Every Day Is New in Financial Markets
Nikunj N. Sinha, CTP, shares his career journey in banking and derivatives, starting with an internship in treasury and building a 17-year career in financial markets.


CTP Profile: Let’s Call Her Path to Treasury ‘Unconventional’
Dorella Montanari's unconventional journey in treasury, starting with a degree in Oriental Studies.


5 Forecasting Tips for a Better March Madness Bracket
Warren Hatch, CEO of Good Judgment Inc, shares five forecasting tips to help you improve your process for filling out your March Madness bracket.


CTP Profile: Where There Is None, Create It
Thong Nguyen transitions to treasury management in response to the financial crisis, recognizing the need for dedicated liquidity and market risk management.


Best Practices for a Resilient Treasury Function
Treasurers are crucial in managing cash and financial assets effectively, ensuring liquidity regardless of economic conditions.


Overcoming Technical Debt to Enable Agility
Technical debt impedes agility in finance and increases costs over time.


The Future of Trade: The Business Case for Digitalization
Streamline trade finance processes and enhance compliance through efficient document management.


Puneeta Kapoor, FPAC: How FPAC Certification Enhances Career
Learn how Puneeta Kapoor transitioned from accounting to finance and now focuses on how FP&A can add value to the business.


Top 5 Tasks of a Financial Analyst
The finance department plays a crucial role in tracking cash flow, profitability, compliance, and financial health in an organization.


The Traits of Highly Agile Companies
Discover the traits of highly agile companies, including flexibility, openness to change, and the ability to act in changing circumstances.


Fundamentals and Best Practices of Cash Forecasting for 2023
Understand the fundamentals and variables involved in cash forecasting and the importance of meeting financial obligations.


SEC Climate-Related Disclosures on The Horizon
The SEC proposed rule changes for climate-related disclosures, inviting public comments.


CTP Profile: Taking Charge in Hong Kong
Core treasury knowledge and training are key to success for Stephen Poon, CTP, who leads the head office treasury function of HUTCHMED, a biopharmaceutical company based in China.


Jason Ang on the Three Pillars of Finance Transformation
Gain insights from Jason Ang, Vice President of Finance Transformation at Singapore Post Limited, on the transformation of culture, skills, technologies, and processes in finance.


Preparing for Uncertainty in 2023
2023 presents challenges with market volatility, interest rates, FX rates, commodity prices, and supply chain issues.


Dr. Simone Ahuja on Driving Everyday Innovation
Dr. Simone Ahuja, innovation expert and bestselling author, challenges financial professionals at AFP 2022 to innovate within their roles using available resources.


How to Build Trust and Be a Better Finance Business Partner
Understand the importance of building trust in effective business partnering and its role in developing strong business relationships.


Decisions at a Distance from HQ
Communication challenges arise in budgeting and target-setting processes for large corporations.


What Are the Characteristics of a Successful Cash Forecast?
AFP gathers insights from treasury professionals in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region on successful cash flow forecasting.


A Problem with Standard Costs
Operational forecasting challenges a manufacturing company to define "normal capacity" for production, rates, and forecasts.


North America FP&A Advisory Council Reflects on 2022
Meet the members of AFP's 2023 North America FP&A Advisory Council, representing diverse industry expertise.


4 Issues That Will Impact Treasury Management in 2023
Explore the key issues that will impact treasury management in 2023, including economic outlook, strategic planning, and updates to liquidity and risk management policies.


Manual to Automatic: Cash Pooling in the APAC Region
An international professional services firm in the Asia-Pacific Region seeks an automated solution for centralizing funds.


Why We Need to Get Comfortable with Treasury Automation
Automation plays a crucial role in treasury's transformation to a strategic business partner.


Preparation: The Key to Managing Cash in Uncertain Times
Treasury plays a crucial role in protecting corporate assets amid uncertainty. Prepare for rising rates, volatile markets, and a potential recession in 2023.


Financial Professionals Are Cautiously Optimistic on Outlook for 2023
Financial professionals remain cautiously optimistic about organizational performance in 2023, despite global uncertainties.


How to Build a Professional Network
Building a network boosts career growth, visibility, talent identification, and multiple inputs.


AFP’s Best of 2022
Discover the most popular topics among treasury and finance professionals in 2022, including research, guides, training, podcasts, and active discussions on AFP Collaborate.


Introducing the AFP Treasury and Finance Marketplace
Introducing the AFP Corporate Treasury and Finance Marketplace, providing a platform for treasury professionals to explore industry solutions.


Goals for 2023 from Finance Professionals
As we head into the new year, we asked finance professionals on AFP’s North America Emeritus and Asia-Pacific Advisory Councils to share some of their goals for 2023.


What Finance Professionals Learned in 2022
Finance professionals share their 2022 lessons, revealing trends and challenges for the finance community in the upcoming year.


The Metrics of Change Management
Najeeb Uddin of AARP and Ed Cook of The Change Decision discuss the importance of data management and change management in two parts.


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