Manish Sethia: Effective CTPs Understand All Aspects of Finance

  • By AFP Staff
  • Published: 3/7/2023
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Being Treasurer of Pulse Secure (acquired by Ivanti, Inc.), a company that provides software-driven Secure Access solutions, obviously wasn’t the first stop for Manish Sethia, CTP, but when he arrived, he was ready.

“I firmly believe that a Treasurer should be knowledgeable of all aspects of finance as it makes you that much more effective as a treasury manager,” he said.

Manish started his career as an Accountant and Audit Manager, then moved on to FP&A, and eventually made his way to his first role in treasury, which was with Jet Airways. Climbing the corporate ladder and gaining valuable experience with the treasuries of diverse types of companies, Manish enjoyed a substantial tour with Fullerton India Credit Company before moving on to his current position with Pulse Secure, located in Mumbai.

The day-to-day aspects of his job

Manish SethiaPulse Secure was acquired by Ivanti, Inc., a Utah-based ITSM software provider with a global presence, in December 2020. As the company’s Assistant Treasurer, Manish works to ensure the company has an adequate level of liquidity, and that they are in compliance with their debt covenant. He also manages their banking activities, insurance, MIS for sponsors and forecasting. Given the variety of tasks Manish manages, he is even more grateful for his experience and understanding of the different fields of finance including accounts, audit, MIS, FP&A and tax. “It helps me a lot in my function,” he said.

Integration is a challenge

When asked about the most critical treasury issue he and his team are currently facing, the integration of their forecasting activity into the bank platform topped the list. “It’s currently done offline and is creating operational delays in publishing the forecast,” he said. Once they’re able to integrate the two, Manish feels it will greatly reduce timelines and create efficient utilization of their resources.

How will they accomplish this goal? “We are in discussions with our bank regarding the integration,” he said. “However, we still need to iron out issues in a few of our operational activities.”

Looking ahead to what’s next

When it comes to his future in treasury, Manish said that while the treasury team has ensured adequate controls and world-class SAP and bank integration, there are a few integration and operational opportunities that could be implemented to further streamline the function. Also, the company does not currently have an active hedging policy, so he would like to do more in terms of hedging their FX and interest rate risk. To ensure it’s done right, Manish will pursue the acquisition of the skills needed, such as active FX and interest rate hedging, in the next couple of years.

A certification recognized the world over

For Manish, the choice to earn his Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) credential was simple: “It’s a world-recognized certification,” he said. Executive leaders above him, including his CFO, also hold the CTP in high regard, and it was they who encouraged him to pursue it. “I took a look at the materials and decided it would be helpful in enhancing my knowledge, and would also be a recognition of my skills,” said Manish.

Manish is a new graduate of the program — January 31, 2023 — and said the executive team and his colleagues were all extremely impressed with and appreciative of his success. “Their reactions re-emphasized the importance of the certification,” he said.

The online resources, including publications and tools, are something Manish said he uses all the time in his work. And he believes that networking with other CTP holders will add significantly to his ongoing learning and growth.

There are three primary reasons Manish said he would recommend the CTP to others: worldwide recognition; well-crafted study materials that provide a practical approach, as well as keep learners informed of the latest trends in finance; and the CTP networking opportunities.

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