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Incorporating AI into a Customer Retention Program

Finance can understand the decisions being made, the meaning of the data and the constraints of the business model.

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Incorporating AI into Revenue Forecasting

The forecast can be built up with layers like a cake; use AI as the base that aggregates history and data, then lay on top human adjustments and data overrides, and company maturity with the technology.

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Bridging Data Science and FP&A

Tapping into the vast amounts of company data that exists beyond the scope of a typical finance team can yield new insights and benefits; the key is to partner with the experts who have the tools, talents and techniques to do that.

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Increase Performance: Create an Analytics Scorecard for the Right KPIs

KPIs alone are not sufficient to drive consistent outperformance over time; companies can apply analytics to test the strength and magnitude of the business drivers.

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An Urgent Revamp
to Reporting

For this private equity roll-up, delivering meaningful management reporting required technical connectivity and the ability to craft data-supported performance theses for internal and external audiences.

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How We Tamed the Budget Monster

Creating a culture of continuous forecasting can bring FP&A closer to the business and reduce the burden of the budgeting process.

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Add “Change Measurement” to Your “Change Management” to Increase Success

In preparing for a change management event, understand the user journey to engage appropriately at each stage; follow up each phase with metrics to know how well all are proceeding toward adoption.

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Build Effective Communication into the Finance DNA

A structured presentation design such as the Minto Method can organize your analysis and simplify the delivery of your message, making you a more effective partner.

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Elevating Finance Knowledge for Non-Financial Partners

By raising the financial knowledge of the organization, FP&A raises its own stature at the same time.

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Decisions at a
Distance from HQ

Regional challenges and advantages, global events and their effects on the type of business and its workforce must all be considered when a budget process is driven through a global company’s headquarters.

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A Problem with
Standard Costs

Financial Analysis

Volatility in operations has different accounting and accountability treatments.

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7 Steps on an EPM Transformation Journey

Faster target integrations gain operational benefits but complicate performance tracking.

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Improving Finance Agility to Support the Business

Aligning an organization with an agile approach requires communication, cross-functional collaboration, and a clear understanding of the non-negotiables.

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One Source of Truth: Metrics for Accurate Performance

A consistent, transparent set of KPIs tied to external measures provides a true picture of the company’s performance; maintaining focus and achieving buy-in are a challenge.

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Buying More Time with Robotic Process Automation

Technology & Data

Automating repetitive manual processes frees up time for quality analysis but requires careful planning to prevent locking in stagnant processes.

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Tracking KPIs After an Acquisition

Faster target integrations gain operational benefits but complicate performance tracking.

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