CTP Profile: Venturing into the Treasury Domain
Shakalya Nag, CTP, shares his interest in venturing into the treasury domain, his experience in sales operations and fund compliance, and his focus on treasury systems and processes.


Handling the Skills Gap in the Asia-Pacific Region
Gain insights from treasury professionals in the APAC region on the progress and skills gap in the treasury profession, along with their thoughts and insights.


Report Renovations: How to DIY an Effective Presentation
Discover the key elements of an effective presentation, particularly in the finance profession, and the significance of storytelling in reporting.


Structured, Efficient, Accessible: Managing FP&A Priorities
AFP sat down with Carmen Turner, FPAC, who has held finance positions at SwipeSense, McGraw Hill and the CME Group, to get her opinion on daily life in FP&A.


Using Forecasts to Support Strategic Decision-Making
Treasury and FP&A develop short-term, medium-term, and long-term forecasts to ensure cash sufficiency, access to credit lines, and alignment with business strategies.


FP&A Profile: The Pandemic Led to His Dream Job
Utilize the pandemic as an opportunity to shape your career post-pandemic. Tharanga Gunasekara lands his dream job through clear thinking.


American Companies Discuss Impact and Response to the War in Ukraine
Gain insights from U.S. treasury professionals on dealing with the challenges of the war in Ukraine.


AFP Announces Formation of Middle East and Africa Treasury Advisory Council
AFP introduces the Middle East and Africa Treasury Advisory Council to better serve professionals in the region and foster connectivity.


A Better Way: Chick-fil-A Reimagines Their Data Culture
Chick-fil-A's Financial Solutions Lab shares insights on data culture in a recent webinar.


Payments Fraud Not a Result of Remote Working
The pandemic has impacted payment processes, requiring organizations to adapt. Explore the changes in payments due to remote work and altered procedures.


10 Best Practices in Cash Forecasting
“Over a relatively short time, cash forecasting has shifted from a function of survival to the ability to be nimble and react to strategic opportunities.”


AFP 2022 Session Highlights: FP&A
Discover the importance of structure in FP&A and how organizations are moving towards partnership with their internal teams.


Treasury and FP&A Forecast Better Together
Understand the collaborative approach between treasury and financial planning and analysis (FP&A) in developing meaningful forecasts to support business strategy.


CTP: Embracing Change and Upskilling to Add Value
Read an interview with Kerry Shattell, CTP, about her decision to earn the CTP designation and the impact it has had on her life and career.


AFP 2022 Session Highlights: Risk, Capital Markets and Payments
The AFP 2022 Conference Planning Task Force previews sessions on risk, capital markets, and payments for the upcoming conference.


The True Cost of Payments Now
AFP's survey explores the true cost of payments by type, providing insights into payment pricing trends.


CTP Profile: Learning the Importance of Treasury Knowledge
Economists and finance executives share their expectations for the domestic economy and what corporate clients desire from banks and service providers in 2014.


FP&A is the Forefront of Transformation
Connagh Hopkins shares her perspective on the role of 'finance' and educating others as a member of the APAC FP&A Advisory Council.


Let’s Talk Practice: 8 Ways Finance is (Or Should Be) Different
Join the AFP's North American FP&A Advisory Council's conversation on navigating changes and challenges in professional finance lives.


Let’s Talk Talent: How is Finance Practiced Differently Now?
Asia Pacific FP&A Advisory Council discusses changing finance talent and adjustments in talent acquisition and development strategies.


FPAC: Developing a Career in FP&A
Nozomi Abe discusses the impact of earning the FPAC designation on her career journey.


Treasury Profile: Leading Corporate Treasury in Pakistan
Saima Jamil's journey at Transworld Associates led to the establishment of a formal treasury department as the company expanded.


Treasury Profile: His Passion Led him to Corporate Treasury
Colin Ho, after nine years in the banking industry, takes on complex commercial challenges in liquidity and risk management.


AFP Benchmark Survey: Insights into the Current Economic Climate
The pandemic disrupted budgeting and forecasting, requiring adjustments without stable historical comparisons.


Cutting Through the Hype: Pearson's AI-based Cash Forecasting Marvel
A webinar discusses Pearson's AI-based cash forecasting system and its implementation journey.


New Partnership for FP&A Excellence in India's Financial Professionals
The rising demand for knowledgeable and skilled FP&A professionals in the rapidly evolving Indian economy and the value they bring as essential business partners.


How One Ukraine Treasurer is Faring Under Russian Invasion
Updates on Ukraine's treasury and finance profession amid the ongoing Russian invasion.


The Road Less Traveled: From Chemical Engineer to Director of FP&A
The FP&A Advisory Council helps AFP understand FP&A needs. This month's profile features Raja Ramachandran, director of global FP&A for Owens & Minor.


In an Ownership Culture, People Spend Money Like It's Their Own
Finance's impact on organizational culture is discussed, emphasizing the importance of an ownership culture that promotes discipline and wise investments.


Bringing Swing Pricing to U.S. Money Market Mutual Funds
Explore the potential adoption of swing pricing in the U.S. to regulate money market mutual funds.


Reconstructing the Hierarchical Pyramids: A Dell Case Study
Technology is transforming the corporate world, empowering professionals with knowledge access.


Best Practices for Compelling Data Visualizations
AFP's webinar series showcases the power of data visualization in FP&A.


Organizational Psychology Pioneer to Headline AFP 2022
Adam Grant, known for his writings and teachings on leadership, work, and life, will be the AFP 2022 Tuesday Keynote, inspiring motivation and meaning.


AFP Announces Formation of APAC Treasury Council
AFP opens Asia office and forms APAC Treasury Council to better serve finance professionals in the region.


Build Design Thinking Into Financial Processes
Discover the application of design thinking principles in finance processes to increase value, efficiency, and collaboration between finance and business partners.


Finance: Turning Purpose Into Performance
Xin Gan of Valeo Service China shares his management style and the impact of FP&A on his skillset.


Writing a Primetime-Ready Speaker Proposal: Tips and Tricks
Learn valuable tips and tricks for crafting a compelling speaker proposal that stands out and increases your chances of being selected for AFP 2023.


Tools for Developing Collective Thinking on Your Team
Warren Hatch emphasizes cognitive diversity to combat groupthink and create an environment for collective thinking in the workplace.


You Love It, You Hate It: KYC Compliance at the Forefront
Gain insights into KYC compliance in a webinar featuring experts from Kyriba and AFP, discussing the significance of knowing your customer in the finance industry.


“I Want To Motivate My Team” - An Interview With Eric Ellis
Eric Ellis, interim CFO, shares how FP&A prepared him and offers insights into the role.


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