CTP Profile: Dinner with a Client Changed His Life
Lionel Lee's career shift from investment banking to corporate treasury.


What Financial Planning and Analysis Looks Like Today
FP&A optimizes capital and resources to support business decisions inside and outside of finance.


Treasury as a Profit Center: Learning from Government Organizations
Factors to consider when utilizing treasury as a profit center for government organizations.


Webinar Q&A: Risks for Payments Fraud and Mitigation Strategies
Learn about the changing landscape of payments fraud and the shift from paper to digital methods, as revealed by the 2022 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey.


9 Critical Pitfalls to Avoid on the AI Journey in Finance
AI empowers finance professionals with faster decision-making and data-driven operations. Financial modeling and forecasting are key applications.


When an In-house Bank Makes Sense
In-house banking (IHB) offers cost-effective treasury consolidation, centralizing banking relationships, currency risk management, and payments.


Planning Liquidity in Times of Uncertainty
The AFP Liquidity Survey explores cash and short-term investment trends based on responses from treasury practitioners.


How Finance Deals with Supply Chain Challenges
Tom Russell from Cooper Tire & Rubber Company and Pete Geiler from a large hospital system discuss supply chain issues and their impact on the industry, including price increases.


DEI Partnership Promotes Treasury and Finance Careers
Wells Fargo joins the AFP Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Initiative for Treasury and Finance, promoting awareness of treasury and finance careers among underrepresented communities.


What Is Driving, and Enabling, Digitization in Treasury?
Automation and digitization enable remote work and drive future changes in business operations.


The Many Faces of FP&A: Which One Are You?
FP&A professionals describe their roles through archetypes, offering insight into the diversity of the function.


Hiring FP&A Talent: Tips for Employers and Candidates
Learn about the challenges of recruiting and hiring top FP&A talent and the insights shared by AFP's North American FP&A Advisory Council (FPAAC).


Personal Growth: Learn, Unlearn and Relearn
Recognize the importance of personal growth and adaptability in the face of changing job requirements and the need to acquire new skills to remain competitive in the job market.


Treasury Professionals Discuss Getting the Best Rates on FX
Treasury professionals discuss strategies for securing the best rates on foreign exchange transactions, optimizing currency risk management.


We Took a Deep Dive into Data; Here’s What We Learned
AFP FP&A Series offers virtual mini-conferences focused on cutting-edge topics. Gain insights from the "Get Your Data Right" event.


A Three-step Route to Optimization
Companies strive to improve efficiency in treasury operations by automating mundane activities and identifying the best approaches for automation.


FPAC: Making a Successful Transition from Accounting to FP&A
Gain insights from Kamlesh Bhojwani, FPAC, on the impact of earning the FPAC certification and his career journey at AMH's Global Capability Center (GCC) in India.


Vigilance and Education in Effective Fraud Response
J.P. Morgan underwrites AFP's Payments Fraud and Control Survey to educate and protect companies from sophisticated fraud methods.


APAC Treasury Advisory Council Profile: Max Sunarcia
Explore the experience of Max Sunarcia, Group Treasurer at Jardine Matheson, a Hong Kong-based conglomerate operating primarily in Asia.


De-Conflicting Terminology of Analytics
In attaining an analytics culture, the mindset an organization embraces must be aligned with its attitude toward decision-making.


Bain & Company and AFP Partner to Drive Bold CFO Agendas
AFP partners with Bain & Company to deliver industry-leading finance training and insights on FP&A and treasury.


Kelvin Chu: Advocate for Modern Accounting Found in FP&A
Kelvin Chu, CA, CFA, FPAC, shares his journey from audit to modern accounting as an advocate for FP&A.


Why 2020 Mattered So Much for Bank Fees
Explore the updates and changes in the AFP Service Codes, which facilitate analytics on cash management spend for corporate treasurers.


Before and After Data Visualizations
Effective visual communication of quantitative information is both an art and a science. Ensure your reports deliver a clear, concise message.


Impacts of the War in Ukraine on the Asia-Pacific Region
AFP’s director of Treasury Services, Tom Hunt, CTP, recently sat down with a group of treasury professionals in the APAC region to talk about the impacts of the war in Ukraine.


CTP Profile: From Theoretical to Fully Realized
Deepak Patil reflects on his transition into treasury management and the separation of financial operations, middle office, and back office functions within a treasury department.


What Is Cash Forecasting?
Cash forecasting helps treasury ensure the organization has enough cash to meet obligations.


CTP Profile: Capital and Liquidity Management in an Emerging Market
Sovanna Tang, CTP, transitions from audit and financial reporting to capital liquidity control, leveraging his diverse financial knowledge.


CTP Profile: Venturing into the Treasury Domain
Shakalya Nag, CTP, shares his interest in venturing into the treasury domain, his experience in sales operations and fund compliance, and his focus on treasury systems and processes.


Handling the Skills Gap in the Asia-Pacific Region
Gain insights from treasury professionals in the APAC region on the progress and skills gap in the treasury profession, along with their thoughts and insights.


Report Renovations: How to DIY an Effective Presentation
Discover the key elements of an effective presentation, particularly in the finance profession, and the significance of storytelling in reporting.


Structured, Efficient, Accessible: Managing FP&A Priorities
AFP sat down with Carmen Turner, FPAC, who has held finance positions at SwipeSense, McGraw Hill and the CME Group, to get her opinion on daily life in FP&A.


Using Forecasts to Support Strategic Decision-Making
Treasury and FP&A develop short-term, medium-term, and long-term forecasts to ensure cash sufficiency, access to credit lines, and alignment with business strategies.


FP&A Profile: The Pandemic Led to His Dream Job
Utilize the pandemic as an opportunity to shape your career post-pandemic. Tharanga Gunasekara lands his dream job through clear thinking.


American Companies Discuss Impact and Response to the War in Ukraine
Gain insights from U.S. treasury professionals on dealing with the challenges of the war in Ukraine.


AFP Announces Formation of Middle East and Africa Treasury Advisory Council
AFP introduces the Middle East and Africa Treasury Advisory Council to better serve professionals in the region and foster connectivity.


A Better Way: Chick-fil-A Reimagines Their Data Culture
Chick-fil-A's Financial Solutions Lab shares insights on data culture in a recent webinar.


Payments Fraud Not a Result of Remote Working
The pandemic has impacted payment processes, requiring organizations to adapt. Explore the changes in payments due to remote work and altered procedures.


10 Best Practices in Cash Forecasting
“Over a relatively short time, cash forecasting has shifted from a function of survival to the ability to be nimble and react to strategic opportunities.”


AFP 2022 Session Highlights: FP&A
Discover the importance of structure in FP&A and how organizations are moving towards partnership with their internal teams.


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