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Treasury Management Training Opportunities: An Incremental Approach

  • By Casey Breslin
  • Published: 3/24/2017

Treasury is a profession with many levels of responsibility and skillsets. As treasurers advance in their careers, they require continuous training to reach the next level of career maturity. At every level, AFP has several broad approaches to help treasurers advance in their careers. After these broad approaches, practitioners have the ability to take a more granular approach, with task-specific training. Here are some examples of how treasurers can advance through incremental training approaches.

A Day In The Life of The Treasurer: 

This seminar is a treasury primer; it is designed for individuals new to the treasury profession, whether that individual is a practitioner or service provider for treasurers. This interactive seminar teaches attendees the day to day functionality and the strategic importance of the role of the treasurer and treasury staffs. The seminar also provides attendees with a key understanding of what the expectations of the C-suite are for treasury and what their key deliverables should be. This primer effectively frames the role of the treasurer for new practitioners entering the field.

Cash Management Fundamentals:

Cash Management Fundamentals lays the foundation for a complete understanding of corporate cash management. As cash management is one of the key roles of the treasurer, it certainly warrants a course of its very own. Attendees learn the cash conversion and operating cycles of a company and methods used to forecast cash flows. They also understand the key underlying investment and borrowing principals to ensure liquidity. Attendees learn critical insights about bank relationships and cross border cash management. This seminar is perfect for the treasury practitioner who wishes to fully grasp the cash management aspect of the position.

Treasury Management Fundamentals: 

Once a practitioner has received the full scope of cash management responsibilities, a logical next step is a detailed, granular look at all the responsibilities of a treasurer—besides cash management. Treasury Management Fundamentals is a perfect next step. This seminar dives even deeper into the role of the treasurer and highlights some of the key executive roles a treasurer plays. These include: Creating and analyzing RFPs, selecting vendors, understanding many bank-specific regulations, information technology, and many more. This seminar reinforces the Cash Management Fundamentals, while bringing the position of the treasurer into full visibility for attendees interested full mastery of the role.

What’s Next?

Ultimately, true mastery of treasury can be attained through granular study of the various subtopics within all of these courses. All of these topics, and more, are present in AFP’s corporate training offering and in the training materials for the CTP examination. At every step of a treasury practitioner’s career, there are plenty of opportunities for training and advancement. Practitioners who approach treasury training incrementally to gain familiarity then mastery can become thought leaders and experts within their organizations. Full mastery of the position allows practitioners to become leaders in their teams, and more importantly, in their companies.

Casey Breslin is manager, training products for AFP.
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