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Three Ways Financial Pros Can Improve their LinkedIn Profile

  • By Andrew Deichler
  • Published: 4/22/2015

NEW ORLEANS -- For treasury and finance professionals either seeking a job or simply looking to network with their peers in today’s rapidly changing environment, a strong presence on LinkedIn is an absolute must. Monday morning at the NACHA Payments 2015 conference, keynote speaker Jason Dorsey, chief strategy officer for the Center for Generational Kinetics and best-selling author, provided attendees with the essentials to making LinkedIn work for them.

“We know now that when people are either looking for a job, or to see if somebody is cutting edge, the number one place we go is LinkedIn,” Dorsey said. “I’m going to tell you the secrets to making your LinkedIn profile as influential as possible.”


  • Add a photo. It’s essential to add a face with the name and the job title. It’s also the first thing people see when they look at your profile. “If you don’t have a photo, people think it’s fake. End of story,” Dorsey said.
  • Add something that humanizes you and brings out your personality. Simply copying and pasting your work history isn’t going to cut it any longer. Your profile should have something that humanizes you. “It could be that you run marathons, you volunteer, anything like that,” Dorsey said. “On my profile, it literally says, I met my wife at a Willie Nelson concert.”
  • Connect with “super connectors.” Super connectors are individuals on LinkedIn who have more than 1,000 connections. “I have 15,000 connections on LinkedIn,” he said. “If you connect with me, you actually grow in influence in their algorithm. That’s how social networks work.”


Added Dorsey: “LinkedIn is the only thing you control online. Everything else, someone can comment or engage in. LinkedIn, you own. And your goal is, when someone types in your name, your profile will pop up first.”

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