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Here's How AFP 2017 Will Keep FP&A Content Fresh and Innovative

  • By Emmanuel Caprais
  • Published: 4/26/2017

an17-blog-sandiego-pghdr-2The AFP Conference is something I really look forward to. It’s my yearly boost of knowledge, connecting or reconnecting with peers, and staying up to date on industry issues. Sessions, tracks, speakers, and networking events are customized for all aspects of treasury and finance. Even better, you will hear from colleagues who tackle many of the issues you face daily, and learn about their best practices so you can implement them upon your return to the office. 

Last year in Orlando, I particularly enjoyed the FP&A roundtable where we had great in-depth discussions among peers. We shared practical examples and traded insights on how each of us was able to overcome our challenges at hand. In particular, we were all looking forward to expanding the influence of FP&A at our companies and taking a larger part in the decision-making process. Different approaches to the same challenge, but each of us came away with a much more informed opinion after that discussion. I am sure that you will experience the same at AFP 2017.

So how does AFP create content that will bring the value to your needs? That’s where the Conference Planning Task Force comes in—a group of your AFP peers whose purpose is to select, through a rigorous and collegial process, the themes and speakers who will appear at upcoming AFP 2017.

Insights into the AFP 2017 preparation

Selecting Sessions
In February, I had the pleasure of participating in the AFP 2017 FP&A Task Force. It was an intense two days of work where the team reviewed numerous session proposals and selected the best of the best. I was impressed by the quality of each submission with a wide range of content-rich subjects including: the unavoidable forecast accuracy dilemma, the elaboration of a ready-made management reporting system, a rotational program for FP&A talent, and an integrated business planning approach. I was equally impressed by the many subject-matter experts who were part of the task forces for each subject. We all want to continue the tradition of making the AFP Conference a memorable event for all present and each year the Task Force ensures that this happens.

The selection process has been methodical and focused on delivering the most value for FP&A professionals so that they can leave with solutions that will positively impact their daily lives. We strongly emphasize selecting corporate practitioners so that all participants can relate to what these professionals have gone through in order to overcome obstacles more efficiently.

What to expect
I was really happy with our final choice of speakers and presentations, and firmly believe that we have prepared a thoughtful and exciting FP&A program. I hope it will help you to:

• Think boldly: be challenged in the way you think about FP&A or approach your day-to-day challenges from professionals from different industries and with long-standing experiences
• Take advantage of the collective know-how: network with other FP&A professionals, share experiences, brainstorm
• Become a better FP&A professional: you don’t have to make every mistake in the book to learn from them and get better, at your disposal you will have recognized professionals ready to make you benefit from their experiences

Our goal was to create a program that is ambitious and we hope that the subjects presented will generate “eureka” moments and give you the insights needed to be even more efficient at your job.

What I’m looking forward to at AFP 2017

In addition to spending some time in sunny San Diego, I can’t wait to attend these conferences live and get to know some of you. I think it’s going to be a great event, you are going to feel engaged by the many different speakers and you will come out of it refreshed and bursting with new ideas, ready to take on new challenges!

I’ve already done some planning for my time at AFP 2017—take a look at the brochure to help you do the same.

Download the Conference Brochure

Looking forward to seeing everyone in San Diego!

Emmanuel Caprais is Vice President - Strategic and Financial Planning, ITT
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