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Centralizing Global Treasury Groups: Opportunities and Risks

  • By Staff Writers
  • Published: 9/1/2015
ctc globalAs currency exchange controls have been weakened or eliminated in many countries, treasurers are looking to capitalize by centralizing cash management on a regional or even global scale. The latest CTC Guide, Centralization of Treasury in a Global Context, by WWCP Limited, the first in a series on global interconnectivity, highlights the types of structures available and in use today. It assesses the trend for centralization of treasury in light of developments in technology and changes in regulation.

While the goal of centralization is more achievable than ever before, the new guide points out major obstacles for companies seeking to adopt a more centralized approach. This means that treasurers may be forced to exclude some entities or activities when implementing newly centralized structures. The guide concludes with an assessment of the need to manage entities which remain outside the centralized structure just as carefully as the new centralized structure itself.

Future guides in the series will look in more detail at some of the different structures and techniques, and how to manage communications between the treasury, group entities and other parties, such as banks.

Download Centralization of Treasury in a Global Context here and watch for future installments in the CTC’s Global Interconnectivity series.
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