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AFP is Looking for a Few Good FP&A Professionals

  • By Andrew Deichler
  • Published: 8/27/2015
Interested in making an impact on the global financial planning and analysis (FP&A) profession? To borrow from the famous 1985 U.S. Marines recruiting ad, AFP is looking for a few good FP&A professionals.

AFP is creating a worldwide FP&A Advisory Council, to help FP&A professionals identify areas of interest, study topics that require additional research, and explore opportunities for cutting-edge technologies, philosophies and ideas. Several practitioners from North America and Europe have already signed up.

Why form such a council? The demand comes from FP&A professionals themselves. “This is another example of the international FP&A community coming to us and saying that they want this,” said Brian Kalish, FP&A, executive director, Global FP&A Practice, for AFP. “The way to measure the interest is the fact that we have nearly 2,000 candidates for the Global FP&A Certification from 57 countries. We’ve got the people, and now we’re the hub to pull it all together.

Meetings will initially be over the phone and through Skype, though in-person meetings are also sure to happen. “Given the fact that we’re doing more and more physical events around the world, we’re going to try and leverage those too,” Kalish said. “When we’re in Asia, we’ll try to pull the folks there together. When we’re in Europe, we’ll try to pull those folks together.”

The first meeting will likely take place in fourth quarter this year. FP&A professionals who have interest in participating or supporting the work of the advisory council should reach out to Nilly Essaides.

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