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AFP 2018: Invest in Your Career

  • By Andrew Deichler
  • Published: 7/31/2018

While there are many reasons to come to AFP 2018—the impressive lineup of keynote speakers, the fun receptions, the nightlife in downtown Chicago—you’ll undoubtedly find that the majority of treasury and financial professionals who attend AFP’s annual conference do so to further themselves in their careers.

Whether it’s through attending educational sessions or networking events to make new contacts, AFP knows that conference attendees at large are focused on their career path. That’s why we’ve prepared an impressive lineup of sessions in the Career Development track.

“If we can develop a conference that really helps people in their jobs, they’re going to want to come back and it could help them in their careers,” said Brad Larson, CTP, Principal, ReCa Treasury Services and a member of the AFP 2018 Planning Task Force.

This year features an interactive workshop, Connecting with Confidence: Making the Most of AFP 2018, with career guru Nicole Meyer, Founder and Managing Partner of The Meyer Partnership. This collaborative session will help conference attendees network with their peers at throughout the event.

This year’s track features a number of straightforward sessions that focus on career advancement, like Investing in Your Treasury Career, It's All In Your Head: Overcoming Obstacles in Your Career and Get Where You Want to Go and Keep Going: Managing Your Career Journey. There are also sessions that feature tips on how you can improve the talent that surrounds you, like Developing High Potential Talent in Finance.

The Career Development track also features a number of sessions to help you improve critical soft skills. Learn key ways to enhance your abilities to reach your team members in sessions like The Evolution of a Great Numbers Presentation, Leveraging Introversion as a Superpower, Tapping into Your Natural Instincts: The Difference Between Stress and Team Success, and Practical Neuroscience: How to Get More People to Agree with You.

Your future awaits you at AFP 2018 Career Development track. See the full list of sessions here. Register for the conference here.

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