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CTP Deadlines

Because of the disruptions due to Covid-19, please note that we have extended the early application pricing through the standard deadline of April 24, 2020.  This applies to the June- July 2020A Testing Window Only. Submit your application here.

> Will the CTP 2020A registration deadline of April 24, 2020 be extended? 
We do not plan to extend the deadline at this time.  If that decision changes over the next few weeks, we will send out an email and post a notice of the change here and on the www.ctpcert.org website.

> What happens if the testing centers are still closed for the CTP 2020A June/July 2020 testing window?
The COVID-19 situation changes every day. It’s hard to say for certain what the situation will be like in 8 or 9 weeks when the CTP window is scheduled to open. We may delay the window and/or extend it. In a worst-case scenario, we would cancel the window and move all registrants to the CTP 2020B December 20/January 2021 testing window. 

> What if my CTP Exam Prep Platform expires before I test due to the testing center delay or cancellation of the window?
For anyone who is registered for an upcoming window that gets rescheduled or canceled, AFP will extend access to any existing CTP EPP subscription.

Please contact Caitlin Hennessey with any questions.

FP&A Testing

Pearson VUE has temporarily closed US and Canada based testing centers, as well as centers in other areas.  The latest information can be found here: https://home.pearsonvue.com/coronavirus-update

Many candidates want to take the tests that they have registered for.  Where testing centers are open, the FP&A exams will remain available through March 31.  If you want to take the test and can take the test, you may still take it. 

If your testing center has been closed or, if you are in a region where testing is still available but are uncomfortable taking the exam, we will defer your registration to the August-September 2020 testing window.

If you wish to defer and have not received a cancellation notice from Pearson, please contact them to cancel your appointment.  This will free up testing appointments for people still wishing to take the FP&A and other exams and will help Pearson manage their staffing needs.

In early April, after all data from the window has been uploaded, AFP will automatically defer all candidates who were registered in the February – March 2020 (2020A) testing window but did not take their exam to the August -September 2020 (2020B) testing window.  You will receive a new ATT for the 2020B testing window in mid to late April.

You will not need to submit a form, supporting documentation or take any action besides cancelling your appointment. AFP will process the deferral for you.

Please contact certification@afponline.org with any questions.


We understand that some conferences that credential holders were counting on for credits have been canceled, so we want to make sure you are aware of all the resources you can use to earn credits at home.

Ways to earn recertification credits through AFP include:

AFP Publications Quizzes
Virtual Seminars and Webinars

Being an AFP Member grants you 4 recertification credits per year.  It also gives you access to all of our certified member perks.  Please visit our Continuing Education Credits With AFP Membership page to view more information about our Webinars, Content Quizzes, Recorded Event Sessions, and Virtual Events.  All of these are included for free with your AFP Membership.

We also encourage all CTPs to take a look at the different ways to earn recertification credits.  Most credential holders have credits they don’t realize they can claim.  For example – reading a book about the economy is eligible for 5 credits in the Independent Study category.  Serving as treasurer of your homeowner’s association is worth 2 credits per year.  

For re-certification questions, please email Glenn Douglas at gadoug@afponline.org.