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AFP Bank Pricing Data - Level II Overview


Effective immediately, AFP will no longer be offering bank level 2 pricing to new subscribers. We will discontinue Level 1 bank pricing effective June 2017. In the meantime, we will continue to honor remaining Level 2 subscriptions until expiration of their term.

Members: Access Level II Data (Subscribers only.)
AFP provides prices charged by banks for nearly 280 frequently-used cash management services. This information, which is provided by Informa Research Services and available exclusively to AFP members, will help finance professionals benchmark the competitiveness of the prices offered to them in response to requests for proposals (RFPs) and the prices appearing on their organizations' account analysis statements.

Pricing information is available for services related to commercial checking accounts, cash services, zero balance accounts, automated clearing house (ACH), account reconciliation, controlled disbursement accounts, sweep accounts, information reporting, imaging services and wholesale lockbox.  Newly added sections are remote deposit capture, payroll cards, retail lockbox, global trade services, SWIFT, and EDI. Armed with this knowledge, finance professionals will be better prepared to effectively manage bank relationships and control bank compensation spending.

Level II pricing averages are available for a total of 284 bank services (including the 92 services included in Level I). Median, average, high and low prices are available for the large corporate market at the national level. Pricing information is updated quarterly. For $450, AFP members can access Level II pricing information for a full year.