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Payments Fraud and Cybercrime On Demand Seminar

Thank You for purchasing Payments Fraud and Cybercrime!

Please see the below chapters that correspond to the eight videos in this series:
Module 1: Introduction: Objectives, Background, Fraud Overview
Module 2: Check Fraud
Module 3: Card Fraud
Module 4: EFT Fraud
Module 5: Internal Fraud
Module 6: Cybercrime
Module 7: Business Email Compromise
Module 8: Response to Cybercrime and Summary

Here are some helpful hints as you watch the videos in this seminar series:

-For the clearest view, maximize the video screen in the lower right-hand corner of the video.
-To minimize the track list, click the arrow.
-If wish to skip ahead at any point, please use the side panel arrow on the right-hand side and select to the video you wish to view.
-If you have trouble viewing these videos, please contact AFP customer service.

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