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Financial Planning & Analysis

FP&A Newsletter

AFP-13_FPA_Nwslttr_ThumbFP&A Newsletter – provides thought leadership, best practices and news for financial planning and analysis professionals. Published monthly, with more than 18,000 subscribers from over 140 countries and all 50 states at companies as large as $20+ billion in over a dozen sectors, shouldn’t you subscribe today?



 2013 AFP Estimating and Applying Cost of Capital Survey 

2013 Cost of Capital Cover thumbnail.gifTo provide financial professionals with information about current trends in project and investment valuation and estimating the cost of capital, AFP recently conducted a survey to update findings of its 2010 landmark report on estimating and applying the cost of capital.

The 2013 survey found the overwhelming majority of project and investment valuation is done using discounted cash flow (DCF) and most organizations continue to consider a number of scenarios-such as "best case," "expected case" and "worst case" when modeling cash flow.


 AFP Guide to FP&A Systems: Linking People and Processes 

FPA-13_Guide_Systems_Thumb.pngThis FP&A guide explores the trends that are driving system development and emerging software capabilities, from cloud computing to mobile access. It brings together the thoughts of over a dozen experts and six case studies of companies using different systems to improve their FP&A processes and better support management decision-making.


 AFP Guide to Forecasting: Best Practices for Common Challenges 

FPA-13_Guide_Frcsting_Thumb.pngThere is a a big chasm between where experts and market leaders say companies should be and where many of them actually are when it comes to forecasting methods. We interviewed experts and practitioners from companies of different sizes and in different industries, combined them with quantitative analysis based on the AFP 2013 Risk Survey and created this guide of best practices.


Case Studies and Best Practices in FP&A

FPA-13_CaseStudies_ThumbNine articles written by corporate practitioners on challenges and successes in the FP&A field. Discover case studies and best practices on critical topics including:

  • Forecasting
  • Budgeting
  • KPIs
  • Analyzing and integrating data
  • Collaborating with business units

FP&A Presentations from the 2012 AFP Annual Conference

FPA-13_AN12_Prsnttns_ThumbCurious about the FP&A track from last year's Annual Conference? You can now download the presentations from last year.

Whitepaper: The Benefits of Certification for FP&A Professionals

Presented by AFP & KFORCE  

FPA-13_KForce_ThumbOver the past several years, the need for experienced finance professionals in the corporate environment has steadily increased as organizations continue to adjust to economic uncertainties. As a result, many firms are seeking the most qualified individuals to analyze trends and manage the financial future of their organization.


Whitepaper: Defining Your Risk Appetite

FPA-13_RiskAppetite_ThumbComplex risks are rapidly redefining businesses. In response, companies need to craft risk appetite statements that take into account, and are applicable to, a wider range of key performance drivers. Most directors recognize that a well-defined risk appetite is crucial to business success. But few of the companies they oversee have been able to unlock the full benefits that such a framework provides. Developing an effective framework is crucial as complex risks rapidly change the way businesses must operate.


Certified Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis Professional (FP&A)

Created by a select group of FP&A practitioner volunteers and sponsored by AFP, the FP&A credential validates mastery of the complex principles and globally-defined standards of practice used to execute critical FP&A functions.


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