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Is It Time for CFOs to Brace for an EU Breakup?
With anti-EU populist sentiment gaining momentum, the future of the European Union and its economic policies are less certain.


5 Tips for FP&A to Gain a Seat at the Strategy Table
Here are five key ways your finance team can become strategic business partners.


Blockchain & Faster Payments: Three Risks to Consider
While blockchain and faster payments gurus are quick to sing the praises of these technologies, sometimes it takes someone outside of that spectrum to provide you with a dose of reality.


Maintaining Sound Banking Relationships Around the Globe
Given the populist movements across the globe, in particular the Brexit vote in the UK, the Trump victory in the United States and the looming elections in France, conducting business around the world is becoming much more complex.


Same Day ACH: Low Threshold Limits Corporate Adoption
Although ACH transactions continue to increase, some corporate treasury professionals have expressed apprehension about adopting NACHA’s Same Day ACH service.


Here's How AFP 2017 Will Keep FP&A Content Fresh and Innovative
How does AFP create content that will bring the value to your needs? That’s where the AFP Conference Planning Task Force comes in.


In this interview, Don Tapscott explains why blockchain will transform finance.
Why blockchain will change everything for finance.


Blockchain & Beyond: The Future of Distributed Ledgers
Distributed ledger technology may have started off as the basis for bitcoin, but it already promises to be much more than a cryptocurrency.


Do Corporates Want Real Time? Sure. But Do They Need It?
Corporate treasurers are interested in using Real Time Payments (RTP), but there are questions about how much of an investment they’d want to make in it.


TCH System to Provide Payment Information in Real Time
The Clearing House pulled back the curtain on its Real Time Payments initiative, providing Faster Payments 2017 attendees with an in-depth look at the system.


ACH Corporate Usage Grows, Fueled by Same-Day
Corporate usage of ACH continues to grow, and will likely increase when NACHA expands its Same Day ACH service in September to include debits.


AFP 2017: Now is the Time for Liquidity Management
Liquidity management has become critical for financial professionals, and the Global Treasury & Finance session track at AFP 2017 reflects that.


Study: Finance Executives Return to Hoarding Cash
Finance executives are less optimistic about the economy entering the second quarter of 2017, according to the AFP April 2017 Corporate Cash Indicators®.


How Does AFP 2017 Keep FP&A Content Fresh and Innovative?
So how does AFP create content that will bring the value to your needs? That’s where the Conference Planning Task Force comes in—a group of your AFP peers whose purpose is to select, through a rigorous and collegial process, the themes and speakers who will appear at upcoming AFP 2017.


Video: Time for Treasurers to Focus on Interest Rate Hedging
Craig Martin, director of executive programs and treasury practice lead for AFP, discusses rising interest rates and why treasury departments need to revisit their hedging strategies.


5 Technology Trends in B2B Payments
The sheer effort of collecting, maintaining and securely storing supplier information has been a huge barrier to automating B2B payments, but it’s finally happening. Here’s what’s new.


Rates Are Rising. Time for Treasurers to Act.
A new AFP Treasury in Practice Guide, underwritten by Chatham Financial, looks at how corporate treasury teams can implement an interest rate hedging program.


Will Feds Regulate Blockchain? ‘Better Not Tell You Now.’
Regulators know that blockchain can transform finance, but they don't see it doing so any time soon. As a result, they are putting off regulating it until later.


Dodd-Frank Changes Are Coming, Treasurers—But Not Quickly
President Trump said this week that his administration is currently “streamlining” Dodd-Frank regulations and may replace many of them entirely.


7 Ways FP&A Can Help Navigate Declining Businesses
What should FP&A do differently when working in a business category that is in structural decline?


The FBAR Filing Date is April 18. Treasurers, Are You Ready?
Many treasury and finance professionals have questions about FBAR filing, especially since the FBAR filing date has been moved up from June 30 to Tax Day.


Check Yourself: Revisit Your Fraud Prevention Methods
Every year, check fraud tops the list of fraud methods criminals use. But the 2017 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey indicates that treasury departments are actually doing less to protect themselves against it.


Culture Shift: FP&A is Becoming a Strategic Partner
Much of the talk at the inaugural meeting of the New York FP&A Board focused on how FP&A is becoming more strategic and influential.


Video: 2017 AFP Payments Fraud & Control Survey Results
Magnus Carlsson, AFP's manager of treasury and payments, discusses the results of the 2017 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey, underwritten by J.P. Morgan.


The Federal Reserve Offers B2B Firms E-Payments Adoption Assistance
The Federal Reserve’s Business Payments Coalition recently released the third version of its Small Business Payments Toolkit. Available as a free download, it encourages the adoption of electronic B2B payments by small businesses.


Survey: Record Number of Businesses Hit with Payments Fraud
Nearly three quarters of financial professionals said their companies were victims of payments fraud last year, according to the 2017 AFP Payments Fraud Survey, underwritten by J.P. Morgan.


AFP Executive Forum: Building a More Strategic Treasury
The AFP Executive Forum, sponsored by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, will focus on expanding horizons by building a more strategic treasury function.


What Fortune 100 Companies Can Learn from Mr. Robot
Every data breach is the result of human error. It might have been a minor oversight that appeared innocuous at the time. But ultimately, someone internally did something they weren’t supposed to do.


Five Gray Swan Events CFOs Need to Watch Out For
Today’s CFOs need to be on the lookout for highly probable gray swans as risk management becomes an integral part of everyday operations.


Finance Leaders, Ignore Advanced Analytics at Your Peril
During two roundtables in Amsterdam and Brussels, some of the brightest minds in financial planning and analysis (FP&A) met to discuss advanced analytics.


The Treasurer-Turned-Politician: Utah's David Damschen
As Utah State Treasurer, David Damschen, CTP, is responsible for the treasury and cash management functions of the state, investment of public funds including the $11 billion Public Treasurers’ Investment Fund.


Six Key Numbers Every Treasurer Should Know
Some numbers are more important than others in fulfilling the treasury mandate. Here are six of the most important ones.


Video: Is Blockchain Right for Your Organization?
In an interview with the AFP Conversations podcast, Steve Mott, CEO of BetterBuyDesign, talks about blockchain technology and if it is right for every organization.


Treasury Management Training Opportunities: An Incremental Approach
At every level, AFP has several broad approaches to help treasurers advance in their careers.


Fintech is Here, and Treasurers Need to Get On Board
At AFP, we’ve taken note of the fintech revolution and have been looking at ways that it is applicable to our members.


3 Ways to Separate Fraudulent Transactions from False Positives
During a panel session at MRC Vegas, experts addressed a key pain point for e-commerce merchants—payment declines for legitimate transactions.


AFP 2017 Preview: Treasury Tech Takes Center Stage
AFP 2017 Task Force members sorted through a multitude of session submissions to find the ones that would be the best fit for the treasury management track.


AFP, CCMC Address Issues Impacting Finance Professionals
AFP has developed a strategic relationship with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness (CCMC) to better advocate for legislative and regulatory issues impacting the finance profession.


Fraud by Region: Knowing What to Look For and Where
Payments fraud follows patterns. But one area that tends to get overlooked is how fraud can vary by geographical region.


The Congressional Blockchain Caucus Wants to Empower the Technology
Until recently, Congress paid little attention to blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. That all changed when Reps. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) and David Schweikert (R-Ariz.) launched the Congressional Blockchain Caucus in February.


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