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Make Your Selections for the AFP Treasury & Finance Tourney

  • By Staff Writers
  • Published: 3/17/2016

Which treasury and finance topic will reign supreme in 2016? Now you can make your predictions!

The 2016 AFP Treasury & Finance Money Madness Tournament starts today at 12 pm Eastern. Download the brackets, make your selections, and send them to Ira Apfel by 11:59 am today.

Top seeds in the tournament include Cash Management (No. 1 overall), EMV, Forecasting and FP&A.

UPDATE: Treasury and finance professionals have started submitting their picks. 

Anders Larsen Liu-Lindberg, Senior Finance Business Partner, Maersk Line, has FP&A beating cybersecurity in the final. "I have to say some of seedings were quite odd like having analytics at 16 but maybe it's just because I'm not a hardcore treasury professional," he said. "I also had to Google quite a few of the abbreviations! Probably the biggest upset in the first round with analytics beating forecasting!"

Lee-Ann Perkins, CTP(CD), MBA, treasurer for Q'Max Solutions, picked CTP over Regulatory Risk in the championship. "Just hope I make the finals of this all-important contest," she said. 

Vincent J. Caiola , Vice President, Treasurer & Assistant Secretary, The Lane Construction Corporation, has the biggest upset pick yet: Pensions over forecasting. 

(Ed. note: It seems like the championship pick reflects the actual job of the treasury and finance professional.)

Meanwhile, Travis Lockhart, CTP, FP&A, has FP&A emerging from the Midwest to win the tournament. “I went with a number of upsets, mostly relating to risk and analytics,” said the finance manager for DLT Solutions. “However, I am pulling for FP&A overall.”

Note: This tournament is intended for your amusement—no betting, please!Bracket3
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