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AFP Jargon Watch: Data Ethnography

  • By Bryan Lapidus, FP&A
  • Published: 7/12/2018
JargonHere is the latest installment of #AFPJargonWatch:

What it is: Data ethnography is the study of the data that feeds technology, adding a cultural perspective to the quantitative analysis.

Why it matters: The big data that is increasingly used by algorithms and designers to create services and products for us reflects a perspective on data. “How does a group relate to or understand a product, what is that group’s needs, what are the tech trends in that group… What is the culture of a data set? How old is it? Who made it? Who put it together? When was it updated? Has it ever been updated? Data is a reflection of society, and it is not neutral. It is as complex as the people who make it.” -- Caroline Sanders, Fast Company

Trendspotting: Job posting for a big data ethnographer, “ …will provide ethnographic observation, assessment and analytic services in the design and implementation of product evaluations and studies examining [customer] behaviors and experiences.”

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