• CTC Executive Institute Preview: Do You Need a Career Coach?
    Attendees of the CTC Executive Institute at the 2014 AFP Annual Conference in November will have the opportunity to hear from one of today’s leading career motivators—Vivian James Rigney, career and l
  • AFP Conference Preview: Ori Brafman on ‘Contained Chaos’
    Attendees of the 2014 AFP Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. will receive a new perspective on business from New York Times bestselling author Ori Brafman. In his session, Brafman, author of “The C
  • Hanse Orga to Integrate AFP Service Codes®
    Software provider Hanse Orga announced Friday that it has been licensed to integrate the AFP Service Codes© within its FinanceSuite eBAM (electronic Bank Account Management) solution. The AFP
  • AFP Questions Publication for Its Depiction of Treasurers and Women, the website for one of America’s most respected magazines, published an article titled “Why All of the U.S. Treasurers Since 1949 Have Been Women.” The article drew some troubling con
  • Treasurers Fret While Pols Fight Over Corporate Tax Reform
    As Democrats and Republicans in Congress square off over corporate taxation, treasury and finance professionals find themselves stuck in the middle of this political battle -- again.
  • VIDEO: Does the CFO Understand the Treasurer’s Role?
    Are treasurers facing difficulty communicating their role to the CFO? At the recent CTC Corporate Treasurers Forum, Steve Overholser, CTP, CPA, CFO & Treasurer for Great Clips, Inc., discussed
  • With Few Alternatives, Firms Deposit Money in Banks
    The AFP Liquidity Survey finds that both the size and management of corporate short-term cash holdings stayed relatively steady over the past year. The reasons are two-fold. First, the business and re
  • Q&A: The Impact of New Money Fund Rules
    This is the second part of a question and answer session on the new money market fund rules with Jim Gilligan, CTP, FP&A, assistant treasurer for Great Plains Energy, and Tom Hunt, CTP, director of tr
  • Best Practices in Leadership and Talent Development
    Leadership in Treasury, a new publication from the Corporate Treasurers Council, may be the second in a series of e-documents from the CTC, but the subject matter is top of mind with treasury executiv
  • VIDEO: The Changing Role of Treasury
    In this exclusive video interview, Steve Overholser, CTP, CPA, CFO & Treasurer for Great Clips, Inc. discusses how his role has changed over the past five years. On the whole, treasury has become more
  • Leadership in Treasury: Gavin Waugh, Treasurer, Wendy’s
    Gavin Waugh, the treasurer of Wendy's, tells how he achieved his career goal, and how he keeps his team motivated.
  • What the New Money Fund Rules Mean for Treasurers
    In an AFP webinar, treasury and finance professionals received an in-depth look at the new money market fund rules approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Jim Gilligan, CTP, FP&A, as
  • Q&A: Further Analysis of Money Fund Rules
    Immediately following the recent AFP webinar on money market funds, Jim Gilligan, CTP, FP&A, assistant treasurer for Great Plains Energy, and Tom Hunt, CTP, director of treasury services, AFP, held a
  • Will New Money Fund Rules Spur Corporate Interest in Repos?
    Corporates lending directly in tri-party repurchase agreements remain rare. Now, spurred by new money market fund regulations that likely will make this favorite short-term investment less attractive,
  • Fed Mulls Controversial Commodity Proposal
    Mulling a proposal that would limit banks’ participation in the physical commodities market, the Federal Reserve is attempting a delicate balance—companies seeking to hedge commodity risk and concerns
  • 2Q14 Corporate Cash Reserves Up, Short-Term Investment Quickens
    Coinciding with the SEC’s money market mutual fund ruling for corporations, the AFP Corporate Cash Indicators ® (AFP CCI), underwritten by State Street Global Advisors,  revealed that U.S. businesses
  • 10 Steps Every Treasurer Should Take to Handle New Money Fund Rules
    Tom Hunt, CTP, Director of Treasury Services for the Association for Financial Professionals, lists 10 steps every treasurer should take to prepare for the new money market fund rules approved
  • July 2014 Futures in Finance Newsletter
    This month, we bring you two exclusive video interviews with members of our inaugural class of Certified Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) professionals. Travis Lockhart of IMC and Todd P
  • Long and Winding Road for Money Market Funds Ends Wednesday?
    After seven years of debate, one round of rules changes in 2010, followed by three more years arguing over yet another round of regulation, money market funds may get their final changes this Wednesda
  • Treasurers Weigh Options as Final MMF Vote Looms
    The majority of corporate treasurers and CFOs who responded to the 2014 AFP Liquidity Survey, underwritten by RBS Citizens, indicated that their organizations would significantly alter their investmen
  • Leadership in Treasury: Dana Laidhold, Treasurer, The Carlyle Group
    In the latest entry to the Leadership in Treasury series, Dana Laidhold, treasurer for The Carlyle Group, tells why she switched from audit to treasury.
  • AFP Survey: Better Operating Cash Flows Mean Bigger Reserves
    Corporate treasurers and CFOs continue to build their organizations’ cash reserves in response to improved operating cash flows, according to the 2014 AFP Liquidity Survey, underwritten by RBS Citizen
  • June 2014 Futures in Finance Newsletter
    This month, we bring you exclusive coverage of the career-related sessions at the CTC Corporate Treasurers Forum in Chicago and the AFP Canadian Forum in Toronto. Also, one of the first applicants to
  • Senate Mulls One-Time Tax Repatriation Holiday
    Faced with the reality that comprehensive tax reform will not happen this year, key lawmakers are pinning their hopes on a one-time tax repatriation holiday on U.S corporate overseas earnings that cou
  • Where Should Treasurers Store Bank Account Data?
    Recently on AFP’s discussion list, corporate treasury and finance professionals discussed where they store bank account data.
  • Treasury, Finance Get Proactive About Climate Change—Or Else
    Treasury and finance professionals who focus less on short-term earnings and more on big environmental and social challenges will be the ones who come out ahead in the long run, argued author Andrew W
  • Treasury: A Change Agent for the Organization
    The concept of treasury functioning as a change agent within the organization was the theme of last week’s 10th annual CTC Corporate Treasurers Forum. With so many treasurers taking on additional resp
  • May 2014 Futures in Finance Newsletter
    This month, AFP officially launched the Certified Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis Professional (FP&A) credential and introduced the first class of certified FP&A professionals. This new certif
  • AFP Survey: In Finance Profession, Good Raises Reach Staff Level
    Finance salaries continue to rise in North America, even among non-executive staff. According to a survey released Wednesday by AFP, average salaries in finance departments of corporations increased i
  • Heidrick & Struggles on What Makes a Great Treasury Leader
    When it comes to effective treasury leaders, there’s no “one size fits all,” say two partners with the executive search firm Heidrick & Struggles.
  • Leadership in Treasury: Darren McCallon, Treasurer of TrueBlue
    In the latest installment of the Leadership in Treasury series, Darren McCallon, vice president of finance and treasurer of TrueBlue in Seattle, reveals how he successfully transitioned from staff to
  • Fed Study: Fees, Gates Could Cause Money Fund Run
    A recent study authored by Federal Reserve economists concluded that rules currently being proposed to prevent money market fund runs could instead have the opposite effect. Rules that impose restrict
  • Treasury Best Practices: Improving Bank Account Management
    Without streamlining its roster of banks, treasury cannot do an effective job of administrating accounts and keeping track of all relevant account information. That’s the key takeaway from the second
  • Enabling CFOs to See the Strategic Value of Treasury
    Many CFOs are still unaware of the strategic value of treasury, members of AFP’s Treasury Advisory Group noted at their latest meeting. And because of the excessive turnover at the CFO level throughou
  • Study: Higher PBGC Premiums Would Harm GDP, Jobs, Consumers
    A new study found that additional premiums for the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation would severely impact the U.S. GDP, the job market, and consumer purchasing power.
  • CTC Releases New Guide on Managing Supply Chain Risk
    In a new guide, Leadership in Treasury: Managing Risk in the Supply Chain, underwritten by Reval, AFP’s Corporate Treasurers Council explores some of the ways that treasurers can use their skills and
  • Bottom Line: Leadership Milestones
    This path is based upon the actual careers of several recently appointed corporate treasurers. Expect a few twists and turns along the way.
  • The Impact of Rising Real Estate Prices on Treasury
    Prices for office properties are rising across the country, a trend that could impact nearly every treasury department. But corporates looking outside the trendiest sections of town will still find pl
  • Finding Finance Potential Beyond the Résumé
    As a treasury and finance leader looking to acquire top talent, you need to know if the person you bring on board will be driven to succeed and work seamlessly inside your company’s culture. This won’
  • Hard Facts for Soft Skills Using Treasury Technology
    For treasurers, sharing the kind of information CFOs care about—improving operating margins, ensuring liquidity, etc.—will not only have an impact on their decision-making. It will also elevat